Rare Neopets An item worth millions that fans have rescued after an accident

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Most of us like to think that we are good people. But if you get something worth millions in your local currency, you are less likely to return it to its owner. However, this is exactly what one is neopets The player did when they found the wand of the darkest elf.

The Wand of the Darkest Faerie is an existing item neopets The player can theoretically get it. In practice, this is very expensive and difficult to do. If you don’t have the New Points (NP) to buy from another player, you can only get them from completing Jhudora’s Bluff. This is a mini game where an NPC requests an item and gives you a set amount of time to get it. Jhudora starts ordering unwanted items, then her orders gradually get more expensive. She will even order items that are not available in the market – they must be purchased from other players.

Redditors have calculated that they cost, on average 40 million n To successfully obtain the wand of the darkest genie. It is a difficult task with a lot of risk, because its objects are completely random. If you fail to return with the item in time, the entire mission will be reset. If you are unlucky enough to be entrusted with an expensive seal, you could lose millions of NP.

Unfortunately, something worse happened. The player who passes “alexgag” I accidentally donated it On January 13th Trying to buy a stick Who is different neopets The user, who ordered millions of store purchases as part of the exchange. His inventory quickly filled up when he purchased the items, and he donated the wand to free up more space. Of course, he didn’t realize that the seller actually sent him the wand as part of the exchange. Ended up donating The Wand of the Darkest Faerie along with the shop items. This means that the wand has been donated to the Money Tree as any one of millions neopets Players can get the stick. Most of the items in the donation center are worthless junk, but some do-gooders are trying to fill the money tree with really useful gifts for new players.

After publishing about his tragedy on reddit, many people have tried to help alexgag get back the wand of darker madness. The money tree was scouted by society in search of this elusive item, but no one seems to have had any luck. Finally, a streamer named Andres Ortiz picked it up from the money tree soon after.

Ortiz saw alexgag’s post on Reddit and realized that its owner wanted the wand back. No one would have any way of knowing that he obtained the wand, but he decided to give it Back In any case. Damn, what a good guy. many neopets users were So I was touched by this charity work that they donated expensive “consolation prizes” to Ortiz. It’s a feel-good story all around.

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