Rainbow flags wave and colorful Pride month entertainment equals equality

Festival of Colors Bangkok Pride Festival 2024 (Bangkok Pride Festival 2024) Under the theme of Naruemit Pride's Celebration of Love in collaboration with Bangkok, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports along with civil society and private sector partners from more than 30 gender rights organizations

Thailand's longest rainbow flag, 200 meters, flies from Thepasatin Stadium. The National Stadium in front of the Nimiputra Sports Complex stretches across Rama 1 Road, leading towards Ratchaprasong Junction. The total distance of the middle world region is more than 2.5 km.

Celebrities from the entertainment industry joined the procession to create colors like Chai Saronpura, Kunjai Adam Salermchatri Yukol, Wai Panyarisa Thienprasit, Bukko Thanatsapan Buranajivawilai, Rasameeke Fakualon, Yoshi Sequin, Poppy 3.2.1 , Ingfa Varaha, Charlotte Austin, El Green Majamrat Miss Universe Thailand, Miss Trans Thailand Thailand, Thailand's leading Influencers include Gun Jom Phalang, Yoshi Rinrada Turaban, Nat Nisamani Lertworabong, Nan Ladapa Tangnimithana, Mix Salermsree, Fluke Galon, Judy Diaw Jarukit. Those who come together to mingle at this event are ready to witness performances by many of Thailand's leading artists! 4:00pm – 10:30pm on the plaza in front of Central World Shopping Center and announcing the LGBTQ+ stand.

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