QTCG sets the IPO price at 1.20 baht, and will trade on the May Market on April 4.

QTCG has set the IPO price at 1.20 baht per share, will be open for subscription from March 27 to 29, and trade on the May Market in the real estate and construction business category on April 4, highlighting the growth of the stock as outstanding in creating added value. For strong growth in the future

QTCG Public Limited Company or QTCG Offering additional ordinary shares for public subscription for the first time, not exceeding 180 million shares with a nominal value of 0.50 baht per share, representing 30 percent of the total number of issued and paid-up shares of the company.

Following the offering of additional ordinary shares this time, UOB Kay Hian Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited has been appointed as financial advisor and joint lead underwriter along with Trinity Securities Company Limited as joint lead underwriter. Joint Distributor and SBI Thai Online Securities Company Limited are the joint distributors. Guaranteeing the sale of additional common shares (co-subscriber)

Dr. Viravat Vitkip, CEO Trinity Securities Limited as Joint Lead Underwriter of QTCG Public Limited. He revealed that the company set the public offering price for 180 million QTCG shares at 1.20 baht per share, which represents a price-to-net-profit ratio (price-to-earnings ratio) equal to 32.69 times, compared to the price-to-earnings ratio ranging between 33.16 – 39.77 times. This is considered an appropriate price level, with subscription to shares open for purchase during the period from 27 to 29 March 2024.

The money that QTCG will receive from the fundraising in the amount of 200.40 million baht will increase its potential. To strengthen the company's financial position and to continue investing in new projects in the future, we believe that success under the QTCG fundraising will be another important step in creating growth opportunities for the company. Significantly

QTCG is one of the cogs that continues to succeed in building the foundations of real estate and construction work in developing engineering systems inside buildings. So he is confident about it QTCG will be a growth stock that creates added value leading to strong and sustainable growth in the future.

Mr. Thitiwat Ngernamchukthanarat, CEO of QTCG It revealed that the company is ready to trade on the Alternative Investment Market (MAI) in the Real Estate and Construction Business category on April 4, using the trading abbreviation under “QTCG”

For the funds raised from this fundraising, the amount of 200.40 million baht will be used as working capital for the company's normal business operations during 2024-2025. This will help increase the possibility of expanding business opportunities. Achieving stability to increase competitiveness and create long-term sustainability for the organization To become the leading provider of comprehensive mechanical and electrical building engineering systems installation services in Thailand.

The company has client groups spread across various industries, including power plants, industrial plants, buildings, hospitals, hotels, etc.

With each project in QTCG, premium class projects such as Andaz Resort Pattaya, Royal Thai Army Hall Project, Capella Hotel, G Land Rama 9, Khun By Yoo Condominium, and buildings will be contracted for the installation of building engineering systems. Permanent Secretary of Defence, Siriraj Hospital Outpatient Construction Area Improvement Project, ITC-3.2 Factory Construction Project (Samut Sakhon), etc.

In addition to the above projects that have gained a good reputation, the company believes that raising funds on the MAI exchange this time will help support QTCG's financial position to be stronger. To increase support for bidding on large projects in the future to continue and expand the current work base from 25 December 2023

The company has a business value yet to be recognized as revenue of approximately 1,158 million baht, most of which is large-scale work between well-known clients continuing from previous projects such as CIB International School Project, Chuch Ratchathewi Condo Project (Chuch) Ministry of Interior Building Construction Expansion Area Development Project Government Center to Commemorate His Majesty the King's 80th Birthday, December 5, 2007, Area C, One Amata Project, Ying Charoen Market New Building Construction Project, KIS International School Project, etc.

In addition, the overall picture of the construction contracting industry in 2024 is also assessed as showing better expansion. Compared to the same period last year, it is a result of stimulating the government sector economy. The acceleration of the disbursement of the 2024 budget during the period from June to September 2024 led to the establishment of various construction projects. The need to accelerate investment

Through these factors, it will be an incentive to significantly increase investment in the private sector, and QTCG will also benefit from the construction incentive plan from that financial year. This will make operating results in 2024 likely to grow significantly.

Along with Mr. Kittichai Nakaprasertkul, Senior Deputy General Manager, Investment Banking Division, UOB Kay Hian Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited, as financial advisory firm and joint lead underwriter. He said that with the strong ability to be a pioneer in the field of construction contracting and engineering systems for integrated buildings of the country's leading level and with the experience of the management team that has been in the business for more than 23 years, QTCG has a client base in a variety of industries. It carried out the construction and installation of systems for pilot projects. Both public and private sectors, more than 1,000 projects have been completed

It reflects the level of systematic work by a team of professionally experienced engineers, allowing the company to accept work on large projects in the range of 500 – 600 million baht per project. Even the company has had revenue growth from backlog of over 1,158 million baht, the highest level since the company was founded.

In addition, the company has a high profit margin compared to competitors in the industry. The gross profit margin is about 14 percent, while competitors in the industry have an average of 14 percent. 4-9 In addition, there are hidden assets in the company that have not yet appeared in the financial statements, such as assets awaiting sale. Which costs 63.70 million baht, while the estimated price is 115.88 million baht, and the asset management business license has not yet been evaluated.

For operating results in 2021 – 2023

Income from construction and services business was 625.48 million baht, 905.50 million baht, and 751.72 million baht, respectively, and net profits were 23.43 million baht, 101.76 million baht, and 22.03 million baht, respectively.

In addition, the company has good credit with financial institutions. This gives you the opportunity to constantly receive loan offers from financial institutions. It has a competitive interest rate These things reflect the stability of the company. Therefore, QTCG stock is viewed as a growth stock that creates additional value for the company. and future shareholders

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