Psychological war on Ukraine: The Americans did not give up

Goal number. 1: Instabilize Vladimir Putin, push him to his limit and remove his provocations threatening European security. In the Ukrainian crisis, the Americans did not give up. The White House has been amplifying warning signals and announcing for several days the “immediate invasion” that could trigger a new Cold War, revealing its allegations more accurately. By releasing intelligence information that is generally confidential.

Want to see “alarm” or even “hysteria” as condemned on the Russian side? In fact it is a complete communication strategy above all else. Possessed of a preventive occupation.

Step: Germany condemns Russia’s demands “from the Cold War.”

Reviews accepted

If Vladimir Putin does not finally take action, Joe Biden knows his credibility is playing out a little bit. But he is determined to take that risk. The shares are very high. Clearly: if exaggeration proves to be profitable in response to provocation, and if Vladimir Putin calms down above all else, the task will be successful. Americans would consider them to be charged with caution.

In this topic: Washington and the Ukrainian president did not notice the withdrawal of Russian troops

US Diplomatic Ambassador Anthony Blingen called on the UN Security Council on Thursday. He bluntly told the Security Council: “If Russia does not invade Ukraine, we will be relieved to change our cap and prove our predictions wrong.” “It simply came to our notice then. And we will gladly accept any criticism that may come our way, ”he added.

Exposes Russian plans

Meanwhile, Americans and their allies continue to be under pressure. Further tension is rising. Anthony Blingen was very clear in the context of the Munich Security Conference, which runs until Sunday, amid a frantic diplomatic rampage on Friday: that the bombings in eastern Ukraine were planned by Moscow to justify military intervention. They are “part of a situation like creating false provocations, then responding to these provocations and finally launching a new occupation against Ukraine”.

A few days ago, when Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov mentioned about a possible mitigation, he did not reduce his security. On the contrary: while lying about the organized poker game around Ukraine is sure not to miss a single round and allowing Vladimir Putin to be the center of concern, the Americans accuse the Russians of not pursuing a withdrawal campaign. On the contrary, Russian troops will be in large numbers – 190,000, according to the Americans – concentrated on Ukraine’s borders.

According to the White House, an invasion is “imminent.” The United States has decided to move its embassy from Kiev to the western city of Lviv. While Joe Biden and Anthony Blingen work behind the scenes in support of a “raise”, the avalanche of warnings and threats about spectacular sanctions in the event of an invasion continues.

And the information that is rarely published is very accurate (but often not verified by the media). According to a senior US official quoted by CNN, the Biden administration believes Putin was “protected by some revelations.” The intelligence services’ interceptions “would have made it possible for Russian military and intelligence officials to hear complaints about the exposure of their plans.” One of the aims of the US ad is to snatch the element of surprise for Russia by annexing Crimea in 2014.

As Russia submits its strategic demands on security in Europe to the United States on Thursday, the Munich conference is coming up with demands that are considered unacceptable by Western nations. Moscow is still calling for NATO to withdraw from Eastern Europe.

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