PSA: Nintendo says Switch Sports won’t work on Switch Lite

Photo: Nintendo

to update: We tested Nintendo Switch Sports On a Switch Lite with some Joy-Con (you can download the playtest app now, but you can’t actually go into any game) and it seems like another case of Nintendo being overly cautious here to avoid disappointment.

You are can Use the Joy-Con to play Nintendo Switch Sports on the Switch Lite, but of course it wouldn’t be the preferred way to play; Perhaps Nintendo is making sure this is experienced on a big screen TV with plenty of room to swing the Joy-Con, not on your dining room table with the Switch Lite propped up by a stack of books.

We’ve contacted Nintendo for an official statement on this matter, and will update this post when we receive a response from them.

original story [Thu 17th Feb, 2022 09:30 GMT]: Nintendo Switch Sports is being We Sports Again, it offers a range of motion-controlled sporting events for a wide range of players.

that playtest online Happening this weekend (even though it happened to you Can’t talk about it freely), but one aspect that has not been widely publicized is the fact that the game cannot be played on the Switch Lite, or more accurately, the game No Support mobile mode.

This might sound like the obvious – the Switch Lite can’t connect to your TV and lacks removable controllers as standard (although you can still pair the Joy-Con with the controller) – but it’s something you may have slipped by:

Nintendo Switch Sports joins the likes 1-2 switchAnd Super Mario Party And Nintendo Labo In the ranks of games that It won’t play as intended on Switch Lite.

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