PS4 players just got a big free gift

PS4 players just got a big free gift, provided by PlayStation and one of the most popular streaming subscription services on the internet. So far, the freebie is exclusive to PS4 and PS4 Pro, which means if you’re using PS5, you’re out of luck, PS Plus subscribers get PS5 one of the most popular games of all time for free. This new freebie on PS4 does not require PS Plus. If you haven’t watched it already, for a limited time, all PS4 users can get a subscription for a limited time + Apple TV for free, no strings attached. However, while there are barriers to entry, those who take advantage of this offer will want to be diligent or else the free subscription could quickly turn into a recurring payment.

Anytime between now and July 22, 2022, all PS4 users can get three months of the subscription service that typically costs $5 per month, providing a savings of $15. To redeem this Extended Trial Access, you need your PSN ID and Apple ID. This is it. If you decide to take advantage of this offer, be sure to cancel it after the 3 months are up as it will renew automatically. Meanwhile, if you’re an active member, you can’t use this to add three months to your subscription, and if you’ve subscribed in the past, it won’t work either. This is for new subscribers only.

If you’re still interested, locate the Apple TV app from the TV & Video section of your console, if you haven’t downloaded it already. Once downloaded, open it up and follow the onscreen instructions, which will prompt you to sign in with your Apple ID or create one if you don’t have one. And that’s it.

Apple TV is largely known for its original content such as Ted Lasso, Morning Show, The Try, and and enterprise. However, it also contains non-original content, such as broadcast rights killjoy.

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