PS4 overclocked shows fairly impressive reference numbers

User 0-BLANK-0 on Reddit shared a screenshot of his PS4 running Unigine Heaven Benchmark, with the Slim CPU overclocked at 2.4GHz.

PS4 Slim Runs 150% around the clock

The PS4 core CPU typically runs at 1.6GHz, with the PS4 Pro running at 2GHz. In their screenshot, the tamper shows that they managed to overclock the PS4 Slim to 2.4GHz, turning on Unigine Heaven Benchmark, a special reference for Linux users. That’s a 50% increase in clock speed which is pretty massive, but people seem to be saying the PS4 can handle it (we can’t guarantee that, try at your own risk)

Show result 1245 On benchmark, the overclocked PS4 slim seems to score very well considering its 2013 release date, sitting close to the scores of some mid-to-higher graphics cards at the time: From what we’ve found, people running Unigine can achieve Heaven with the same settings in Today’s result is approx 1000 with GTX 760And the 1500 with GTX 770. The PS4 GPU is a custom AMD, but is said to be roughly equivalent to the GTX 750 Ti (a much slower graphics card than the GTX 760). So it seems that overclocking helps greatly with the benchmark.

Of course there are many factors in the game, and individual measurement results can vary a lot depending on the CPU, RAM, etc… So comparing apples to apples is practically impossible. It would definitely be interesting to see the same benchmark run without overclocking.

Overclocking on PS4 – How It’s Done

The trick which is not really one, is that you have to have a file Jailbroken PS4 gameLinux running. kernel files (specifically /arch/x86/include/asm/ps4.h) You need to modify before compiling an “overclocked” version of Linux running on your PS4.

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There are plenty of guides on how to run Linux on your PS4, but you’ll do it need to a Jailbroken PS4 game to install linux.

Could you Download Unigine Heaven Benchmark here. My “Gaming” desktop score (with the same settings shown in the screenshot) was 1475. My hardware is a bit old (it was great in 2014…?) but from my point of view it shows the PS4 still has life in it.

Last but not least will overclocking on PS4 with Linux Not Keep it in “overclocked” state when rebooting to PS4 OS. Sorry for those who thought they could play God Of War as if they were on PS5 or something 🙂

source: reddit

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