Program of the 2023 Asian Games September 27, 2023 Live broadcast today, competing for 38 gold medals.

2023 Asian Games schedule, September 27, 2023

It’s officially the fourth day of the Gold Medal Competition. Today there are an additional 38 gold medals competing across 12 sports, with shooting competing for the most medals at 8 gold medals as it is day one. The skeet shooting competition begins at eight o’clock in the morning, Thai time.

Swimming, competing for 7 gold medals, and the finals begin at 6:30 pm from the 100m butterfly for men and women, the 100m backstroke for women, the 200m freestyle for men, the 100m breaststroke for women, and the individual medley. Women’s 400m and mixed 4x100m relay.

– Surfing, competing for 6 gold medals, and the competition begins at 10:00 am.

Taekwondo, the fighting category, has 3 additional gold medals in the men’s 68kg category, and Thai athletes include Chaichun Cho, Thai kicker Aoba. The half-Korean race is also competing in the 67kg female category, Sasikarn Thongchan, and in the male 80kg category, Jack and Woody Mercer.

In cycling, 3 gold medals are competed for by the men’s and women’s Pursuit team and the women’s Kirin team, and the competition begins at 9:00 in the morning.

Fencing won two gold medals in the men’s epee team category. The Ebi women’s team begins the competition at 8:00 am.

International chess, competing for two gold medals in the male and female individual categories, and the competition begins at two in the afternoon.

Skating, competing for two gold medals, starting at 9:00 am for the women’s and men’s street categories.

E-sports compete for one gold medal in the EA Sports FC category, with the third match starting at 6:00 pm, where Thailand meets South Korea, and the final match at 7:30 pm, where Thailand meets the winner of the place match. the third.

Gymnastics, competing for one gold in the women’s all-equipment category, competition begins at 2:00 p.m. / Wushu, dance category, winning two golds from Daoshu for men and Jiangshu for women, competition begins at 8:00 a.m. / Judo, winning one gold and from the mixed team category The competition begins at 3:00 pm.

As for other Asian Games sports that are of interest to Thai athletes, they are as follows:

8:00 AM Sepak Takraw, men’s semi-final, Thailand meets South Korea.

12:30 South Korea women’s basketball team meets Thailand.

3:30 pm Men’s Football Round of 16, Thailand faces Iran.

6:30 PM Women’s Football, Group Stage, Group B, Thailand faces China Taipei (Taiwan).

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