“Princess Teacher Award” reveals support for “learning for all age groups” towards a strong community

At Centara Grand Hotel and Bangkok Convention Center World Central Bangkok (Bangkok) Police General Berembun Chidchob The Minister of Education (Minister of Education) is Chairman.Awards will be given to Khonakorn, Guru Yingkun and Guru Khwansit in 2023 Which comes from the selection of the governorate committee. Including central regions across the country in collaboration with the Princess Maha Chakri Award Foundation Collaborating with the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Teachers Council Secretariat (KSEC), the Ministry of the Interior (MOT), and the Educational Equality Fund (EEF).

Teacher Niwat Ngerngamisuk, winner of the Princess Maha Chakri Teacher Award 2023

With Dr. Kritsanavong Keratikorn, Chairman of the Princess Maha Chakri Award Foundation, Dr. Suthep Kaengsanthia, Secretary-General of the Education Bureau, Acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Second Lieutenant Thanu Wongchenda, Acting Permanent Secretary of the Foundation of the Ministry of Education and Secretary-General of the Basic Education Commission Mr. Yotsphon Vinokose, Acting Secretary General of the Vocational Education Committee, Senior Executive Director of the Ministry of Education. In addition to the award-winning teachers participating

General Berembun said he would especially like to congratulate the teachers who received the awards this timeTeacher Niwat Ngerengamisuk Prince Maha Chakri Teacher Award in ThailandThis year, I have spent my life transforming students and making contributions to the world of education, including…Master Udon Saising AndTeacher Somkiat Saiting Award-winning teacher BesideTeacher Award: Teacher Ying Khun Teacher Teacher Award Who sacrificed their physical strength, mental strength and intellect to devote themselves to the development of Thai education highlighting the potential of children and youth to grow into competent employees of the country.

Best Teacher of 2023

whileDr. Kritsanavong Keratikorn The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Prince Maha Chakri Award Foundation said that the Prince Maha Chakri Award Foundation believes in the power of teachers because the quality of teachers creates quality people and therefore the process of selecting teachers for the Prince Maha Chakri Award in Thailand comes from the participation of regional committees throughout the country. Join together to recruit teachers who have the qualifications to be teachers who make a difference in the lives of students. It has a contribution to the education department and therefore Thailand has established additional awards to honor teachers, including two Konnakorn Awards, 17 Yingkun Teacher Awards, and 146 Teacher Khuan Awards for students to honor teachers in each province.

In expanding the work of the Teacher Network, what is important is the exchange of knowledge between teacher networks in all eleven countries, and the development of professional skills that have an impact on students and fellow teachers in the teaching profession. Support from the business sector to open a space for teachers to learn about the world of business and technological innovation. Including the Enhancing and Developing Thai Spelling, Speaking, Literacy and Writing (MOVE) project for children in remote areas. Based on the Royal Initiative of Her Royal Highness Princess Kanithithirachaw Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, which gives importance to students who cannot read, write or do arithmetic, joins the Equitable Education Fund to expand the expertise of award-winning teachers. Share job skills for teachers and youth to access educational opportunities. By creating networks and mechanisms to work systematically.

The best teachers share their experiences.

As part of this event, there was a presentation of the Princess Maha Chakri Teacher Award in Thailand. Award-Winning Teachers It is suitable for Teacher Niwat Ngirangamisuk, recipient of the Princess Maha Chakri Teacher Award of Thailand, Teacher Udon Saising, and Teacher Somkiat Sai Ting, recipient of the Konakorn Award. I have come to share my work experiences as a guideline for my fellow teachers as well.

Promoting learning at all age groups towards a strong community

Mr. Niwat Ngirangamisuk, Prince Maha Chakri Receives Thailand Teacher Award A teacher at Mae Fah Luang Hill Tribe Community Education Center (ESEC), affiliated with the Non-Formal and Non-Formal Education Centre, Tha Song Yang District, Tak Province, said he believes that giving knowledge It will stay with him forever. Therefore, he is determined to study and gain knowledge about agriculture in order to develop his region. He applied to become a volunteer teacher at the Hilltribe “Mae Fah Luang” Community Learning Center until he was appointed to government service. By providing education to people of all age groups. Both basic education focus on Thai literacy. Education to develop careers, quality of life, community, community and environment, including skills for living. Providing non-formal education according to students’ interests focused on dealing with the situation, community context and societal problems to be designed and integrated into the curriculum.

“I use the learning process through village community forums. Mutual understanding The rules of the village community forum emerged from solving problems among themselves. This ultimately leads to learning and community strength. It leads to the solution of the problem of opium cultivation Monoculture Deforestation Changed to the promotion of whole coffee cultivation was born Moko Kee Coffee Community Enterprise Group.And ecotourism in forest creation project to generate income.Therefore, the role of the learning center should be to promote learning for all age groups.Make the people in the community have knowledge and understanding, which will create sustainable people.

Teaching mathematics by simulating real situations.

Mr. Somkiat Saiting Award-winning teacher Experienced teacher at Khao Noi Withayakhom School, Trat Province, high school level mathematics teacher. Discussing learning management from mathematics in the classroom to the topic of modern entrepreneurship in real life: teaching mathematics with the process of simulating real situations, such as the work of “Cafe@Khao Noi” to practice experience by running a café. Simulate company activities Entrepreneurship activities Market activities Life development by giving students the opportunity to plan together. Design to Solve the Situation Management and Management Teachers will listen to students’ opinions and give advice equally. In addition, teachers also act as guides for students to find themselves according to their potential based on the differences between each person. To allow students to design their own development and plan their lives effectively.

Understanding, access and development

Mr. Udon Saising, an award-winning teacher Specialist teacher Ban Kota Baru School, Yala District, a teacher in the subject group of Social Studies, Religion and Culture, said he places great emphasis on developing moral behaviour. Different Life Skills Creating Good Citizens Enjoy a good quality of life and the philosophy of His Majesty King Rama IX “Understanding, Accessing and Developing” using a vast classroom of various objects around us to organize learning. Enhance Experience Enhance Careers A focus point was invented for students at the middle school level, namely study, work, finances and discipline building. These are important foundations for strengthening the path to higher education.

Dr. Kritsanavong Keratikorn, Chairman of the Princess Maha Chakri Award Foundation

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