Priceless! A father spent nearly 20 years preparing 30kg of dried orange peel to give to his daughter as a wedding gift.

Which astonished netizens! After the bride's title, Li from Jiangmen, Guangdong Province (Guangdong) proudly revealed that her father gave her 30 kilograms of orange peels as her wedding gift.

The bride and the orange peel (photo from: aboluowang and ixigua)
All these orange peels came from my father's hard work. Because since she was 10 years old, her father had been allocating dozens of Rai lands to her specifically for orange cultivation.

When harvest time came, the father would go and pick the best oranges himself. Then peel the orange peels and place them in the sun to dry. Every step of the process depends on precision. It is not easy to keep orange peels in good condition.

Nearly 20 years ago, her father prepared and prepared more than 30 kilograms of dried orange peels to give her as a gift on her wedding day. Which is usually considered local in Guangdong Province

“To me, these orange peels look like they are a 'family heirloom' and considered the best blessing from the father.” The bride said her surname is mine.

More than 30 kg of dried orange peel (Photo: CTWANT)
While netizens expressed their opinions such as There is a saying: “Dried orange peel is as valuable as gold.” A father’s love is as great as mountains. “From today on, I will keep the orange peels that I eat.” “At least he's emotional.” “Love is a priceless treasure.” “Good story. I wish you only good things” and “Orange peels are precious. Or not worth it, I don't know. But my 20 years were enough to say it was worth it.”

Moreover, orange peel has medicinal properties. It is said that the longer the shelf life, the better. The benefits will only increase. As a result, the value of orange peels also increased. The most popular are orange peels Orange peel from Shen Hui Guangdong Province: In 2023, the price of 73-year-old Xinhui orange peels will reach 125,000 (about 625,000 baht) per 100 grams.

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