Pressure on banking stocks pushed Thailand shares to close -1.80 points as investors gradually adjusted their portfolios for Sangkran.

The market ended down -1.80 points as Thai equities continued to face pressure. Analysts said selling pressure by banks continued to put pressure on the capital markets sector. In response to concerns, the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) will cut interest rates next week. But fortunately there is strong buying in energy stocks to support the market. Thus, the index did not decrease much. Looking at the investment framework for tomorrow, the support level is at 1,370 points and the resistance level is at 1,385 points.

The Thailand stock market ended trading on April 4, 2024, down -1.80 points or -0.13% to close at 1,373.89 points, with a trade value of 30,663.39 million baht, the overall stock trade today, shortly after the index market rose on positive territory in the market. opened, after which it fell, moving in negative territory for the rest of the day until the market closed. It rose to a high of 1,379.41 points during the day and fell to a low of 1,368.80 points in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, the number of securities traded today increased by 150 securities, remained unchanged by 171 securities, and decreased by 342 securities.

Based on trading volume classified by investor group, it was found that institutional investors sold more than net -1,082.11 million baht and foreign investors net -332.63 million baht, on the other hand, it was found. Domestic Investors Net Purchases +1,200.60 Million Baht and Securities Company Account Net Purchases +214.14 Million Baht and

In respect of bonds with high trading value, 5 bonds
1.SCB traded at 1,624.89 million baht, closing at 111.50 baht, down 1.00 baht.
2.CPALL trade value was 1,406.60 million baht, closing at 55.50 baht, an increase of 0.50 baht.
3.BBL traded at 1,260.84 million baht, closing at 136.50 baht, down 0.50 baht.
4.Disco traded at 1,153.32 million baht, closing at 98.75 baht, down 0.50 baht.
5.PTTEP trading value was 1,150.68 million baht, closing at 158.00 baht, an increase of 0.50 baht.

The SET100 index was down -1.31 points or -0.07% at 1,868.10 points, the SET50 index was at 844.16 points, down -0.24 points or -0.03%, and the Mai Market Index ended at 397.85 points or -2.68 points. -0.67%

Director of Securities Analysis at AIRA Securities Mr. Narongdet Chanthaphaisarn said the Thai stock market index was down today but not by much. Both positive and negative movements are regionally similar. There are no new factors to support. Investors lowered their expectations after the Federal Reserve (Fed) began cutting interest rates this month. The uncertainty began in June. Chairman of Central Bank Mr. Jerome Powell reiterated his view that the Fed will definitely cut interest rates this year. But the US economy is still strong. The market is still unsure how many times the central bank will cut interest rates this year.

“Our local market still faces continued selling pressure from banks. In response to concerns, the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) will cut interest rates next week. However, there is still buying power in the energy sector to support the market.”

As for tomorrow's trend of the Thai stock market, the market is expected to swing sideways. But as the Songkran festival approaches, the purchasing power decreases.

“Ahead of the release of key US economic data next week, foreign investors will sell to reduce risk. With a support frame of 1,370 points and a resistance level of 1,385 points.” Mr. Narongthej concluded.

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