President of Ukraine before the Security Council

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky will address the UN Security Council on Tuesday. After visiting Bautista on Monday, he denounced “war crimes” and “genocide.”

Mr. Zelensky wants Russia to intervene before the Security Council for the first time since the invasion of his country, the United Kingdom has pointed out, which is currently under UN control. This organization is headed by.

In the video, which aired overnight from Monday to Tuesday, Mr. Zhelensky confirmed the intervention, and we do not know if it will happen live or late. “The time will come when every Russian will learn the whole truth about who among his comrades was killed and who commanded,” he said. He called for tougher sanctions against Moscow and the supply of arms to his country.

Earlier on Monday, he flew to Putza, where dozens of bodies were found in a small town about 30 kilometers northwest of Kiev after Russian troops withdrew.

Moscow refuses

“You are here, you can see what happened. We know thousands of people were killed and tortured, their limbs torn, women raped and children killed,” he said. The city center, in the midst of destroyed houses, was strewn with shredded corpses of troops and armored Russian transport vehicles.

According to the Ukrainian president, 300 people were “killed and tortured” in Potsdam alone. Russia has denied any wrongdoing and promised to present “documents” on Monday, which show the “real nature” of the events in Boutcha.

The discovery of these “war crimes” has provoked outrage from Ukraine’s Western allies, who have promised new sanctions “this week” against Russia. US President Joe Biden reiterated on Monday that he was a “war criminal” for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Exodus of Russian diplomats

Jake Sullivan, the White House’s national security adviser, noted for his part that the discussions focused particularly on potential energy-related activities, which are a very sensitive issue for Europeans. Germany made clear on Monday through the voice of its finance minister Christian Lindner that it could not do without Russian gas supplies “in the short term”.

The Europeans announced the unification of dozens of Russian ambassadors. According to the AFP, Germany has decided to expel “a large number” of Russian ambassadors. Moscow responded that the “friendly” exit would “worsen” relations with Russia.

France expels 35 Russian ambassadors [ses] Lithuania announced the expulsion of the Russian ambassador to the Baltic Territory on the same day, “in response to Russia’s military occupation and atrocities committed by the Russian armed forces against sovereign Ukraine.”

“Massive attack” in the East

The European Union also forms a joint committee with Ukraine […] Investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity. “

After Russia’s withdrawal around kyiv, Ukraine is now preparing for a “massive offensive” in the Lugansk region of eastern Ukraine, its governor Serguiï Gaïdaï announced Monday. “We see equipment coming from different directions, they are [les Russes, ndlr] Bring people in, let them bring fuel, “he said in a video message.

A senior Pentagon official said on Monday that two-thirds of Russian troops occupying the Kyiv region since the start of the invasion had retreated to Belarus, a reconstruction ahead of another offensive in Ukraine.

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