Pramin takes sole lead at 8 under TDT Chonburi on Day 1

“Pro Mark” Pramin Inraksa made 8 birdies and a free bogey, leading by three strokes after the first day of the tournament. “Singha-SAT TDT Chonburi 2024” has a chance to open the first tournament.

The Professional Golf Association of Thailand organized the Professional Golf Championship of Thailand, the sixth event of the season, Singha-SAT TDT Chonburi 2024, from July 11 to 12, 2024 at Treasure Hill Golf Course, Chonburi Province, par 72. Total prize money is 1 million baht.

The Thailand Development Tour Professional Golf Championship is supported by title sponsors Singha Corporation, Sports Authority of Thailand and National Sports Development Fund. Co-sponsors Singha Drinking Water, About Grass, EGA, Udompanich, Leborn and Dogfight Golf compete in two rounds of stroke play or 36 holes. There is no cut for the top 50 players and a tie wins the money.

Finishing the first round on July 11, Pro Mark Pramin Inraksa, 23, of Bangkok, made eight birdies, with no losses, to take the sole lead, hoping to open his first tournament after turning professional in 2022 with Ratchaphon, who came in today with a 5-under-par 67, three strokes behind.

Pramin Inraksa reveals his excellent work today. “Overall the match was very good. My putter saved a lot of lives because I had 8 birdies and a free bogey and got all the shots. As for the serve, it was in the fairway and it hit well. As for tomorrow’s match, I don’t want to focus on anything too much. Just play our game according to our game plan and take it one at a time. I want the Chiefs to be in good shape today for tomorrow.

While Tour No. 1 Bosawi Lertwilai, who just won the tournament last time out, shot a 4-over-par 76, Phakorn Nyamsing (4) shot a 1-under-par 71 and Thep Nakhon, the center (6), made a 1-under-par 71 as well, 7 strokes behind the leader.

For interested golf fans, you can watch the competition. Singha-Sat TDT Chonburi 2024 for free! Or watch the live stream of the final round on the Thailand PGA Facebook page from 1:30pm onwards.

Singha-Sat TDT Chonburi 2024 Round 1 Results
1 (-8) 64 Bramin Enraxa
2 (-5) 67 Ratchaphon Chantwara
3 joins (-4) 68 Kwanchai Kongtawi, Chitrakorn Nomthanong, Rakthai Thongsom (morning)
6 Joins (-3) 69 Seri Siricharwin, Phupirath Klinkasorn, Thittiphan Kodan, Thanachart Chawarak, Chakris Kaewsriprat, Anon Wongwanit, Ratchakorn Phetchum, Ponnawi Chai Hirayama and Phuiche Anuphanpsai

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