Prairie criticizes Jukkabum for being in debt and should be liquidated. I could not run away and become a monk, so the Anusian monk asked how to answer?

Prairie criticizes Jukkabum for being in debt and should be liquidated. I can't run away and become a monk. (You don't have any debt, do you?) asked the monk Anusi How should you answer?

after “Jokaboom” This has been confirmed in preparation for the ordination ceremony. As for the problem of the debts owed to Mai Bona, initially he will find a lump sum of money to pay before the ordination, or if he can find it all. It will be paid in full prior to ordination. When the back wears out, it will withdraw all reports. Don't be tried by all means by going to be ordained in a temple in another province. I want to live in peace. I really intend to become a monk. To ask forgiveness for everyone and every problem will be resolved to end well

while Prairie Bayawan He came out to express his opinion on this issue by posting this on Facebook, “If you are in debt, you have to clear yourself first. You cannot escape to become a monk. You cannot be ordained. Because when a monk prays and asks the “Anusi” (You have no debt?) How? Do you answer?

Before writing additional comments: “There is a way to do this. Go and inform the creditor. Then let the creditor forgive the debt. If it is a contracted debt there is someone in the family who is responsible for making the payments for you during your ordination, you can do that, but what if it is a debt “No one can pay it for you? And those who intend to ordain are deliberately using the yellow robes to evade paying debts. Or creating embarrassment for creditors in collecting money. This cannot be the case.”


On the other hand, netizens expressed their opinions on this matter in a funny and sarcastic way, saying that if the monk had prayed and asked the “Anusi”, he would have answered, I pay 40 thousand a day, I don’t know, there are a lot of them, etc.

In addition, DJ Matoom also came to comment and ask to know: Can I now enter the ordination ceremony with a lawsuit? By writing a comment:

“This is something I would like to ask whoever has knowledge. Pyle did not intend to prevent the ordination. Or was there an intention to attack anyone individually? I just want to know if we can go into the ordination ceremony without having a legal issue?”

I mean I've heard the word “tom” before. He became a monk and escaped many crimes. But when Tom contracted Covid in 2021 after initially being discharged from the hospital, Tom meant he wanted to quit painting. Because at that time it was pretty bad too. But because Tom was sued by the Emergency Decree and the Infectious Diseases Act therefore, there must be a court amendment. He had to review officials every three months, which made Matoum wait a full year before his ordination. Because before you can be ordained (Matom is ordained at Wat Phu Thong the rule before you can be ordained is that you must go to the police station to check your criminal history. And the signature to certify that there are no legal issues there must be a signature from the officials, employees and members of the temple committee .) So I wanted to seek knowledge. Because I asked many places, some temples can figure it out, some temples can't. So I really want to know the requirements. This is what is specified in the law, so please leave knowledge or anyone with experience to provide knowledge, thank you.


Before Prairie came to answer the question, “If she is going to file a complaint with the police or the prosecutor has a trial order I cannot do it like this. Except that he is already in court. The court ordered that bail be granted during the trial and the court did not set conditions that would prevent your ordination.” This is why you can be ordained. (More importantly, these cases may only apply to minor crimes. But if it is a case that carries a severe penalty or a case that villagers talk about, such as a murder case, there are disciplinary rules that prevent coordination.)”

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