Powerwash Simulator Devs Warn Xbox Players to Avoid Excitement

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picture: Kotaku / Nicholas Kam (Getty Images)

Video games are hard to make. These strange, intricate pieces of complex interactive software take years to make and can sometimes be broken in very strange ways. For example, players Powerwash Emulator On the Xbox, the game noticed that the game started crashing a lot when they jumped online with others. And while the patch comes to fix this nasty bug, the temporary solution from the developers at FuturLab is a bit silly. According to them, to stop the crashes, all Xbox gamers need to do is avoid looking at the sun.

Powerwash Emulator is a very good and relaxing game about… well, using a power washer to clean things up. (You must have guessed it from the name.) It was released a bit on PC via Steam Early Access, but only saw a full release yesterday, when it also made the jump to consoles. Via Xbox Game Pass.

But there is an issue where the game gets stuck when players try to clean up the world together. What could it be? Maybe the servers are not working? Maybe the game net code is broken? Or maybe it’s an issue with the way the game handles data over a network connection?

no! according to Powerwash SimulatorOfficial Twitter account, the real culprit behind all the meltdowns on Xbox is the game’s use of lens lights, which appear when you look at the digital sun. Like I said, video games are weird and complicated things. Even more ridiculous and weird is the developer’s solution to this problem: just stop looking at the sun so much, you weirdo.

FuturLab acknowledged that this is “not a great solution” We apologize to the players for any inconvenience caused by this bug. The developers say the problem with the lens flares was discovered in the “last second,” likely before the game shipped. Luckily , In a follow-up tweet from earlier todayThe developers have confirmed that an urgent fix for this solar hiccup is in the works. It is due next week.

Kotaku I contacted FuturLab regarding the situation and received this statement:

We know what it is, are working as fast as we can to get it to players and we have a fix that we hope to have out by the end of next week.

In the meantime, fortunately, you can still play Powerwash Emulator Solo to enjoy a relaxing cleaning simulation in perfect harmony with that fiery orb in the sky.

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