Post-match chat: Brentford 3-2 West Ham

Minute 26 (1-2): Saeed Benrahma, West Ham player, fires a high ball from the left post into the penalty area. Mohamed Qudous shoots it, but it hits the post. The ball came out and hit Jarrod Bowen’s feet again, giving West Ham the lead (Bowen has scored in 7 consecutive games).

40 minutes: West Ham player Mohamed Quddus steals the ball from Brentford with a header. Drag the ball and pass the ball into the penalty area to Jarrod Bowen, who sends the ball across the goal and towards the second post. There are two players from West Ham, Antonio and Benrahma. But we don’t understand each other. Make Antonio stray shot away unfortunately. If Benrahma had been allowed to shoot, this would have certainly been a goal.

47 minutes (extra time): Brentford’s Mbomou receives a free kick from the right side, plays a variation, kicks the ball, changes place for Vitaly Janelt, breaks the ball, then runs and shoots with his left. He barely missed the second pole.

47 minutes (extra time): Brentford player Mbomo receives a ball from the right side and spins with his left hand outside the penalty area. He shot the ball next to the second post.

51 minutes (extra time): Matthias Jensen from Brentford. He shot the ball high and sent it to Vitaly Janelt on the left side near the penalty area. Jeannelt cut the ball powerfully and headed it in front of the goal. Mbumo lands a full left. The ball narrowly missed the second post, as usual.

The second half of the match lasts 45 minutes.

Minute 54 (2-2): Brentford win a corner kick on the right side. Mbomou’s playing formula is a short pass to Vitaly Janelt and Janelt passes it back to Mbomou. Nathan Collins (193 cm tall) ran from the left side towards the goal, jumped with his head and put pressure on West Ham’s Mavropanos, causing the ball to hit Mavropanos’ head and bounce into his goal. This earned Brentford a 2-2 draw.

Minute 65: Brentford’s Matthijs Jensen hits a long throw into the penalty area. A West Ham defender headed his head into the path of Neal Maupay, who fired a shot inside the penalty area that hit the West Ham defender’s leg.

69 minutes (3-2): Matthias Jensen from Brentford shot high from the right line into the penalty area, and Nathan Collins (height 193 cm) was waiting at the meeting point. This time, Collins headed the ball straight into the net, giving Brentford a 3-2 lead (Collins’ first goal of the season).

Minute 79: Mohamed Quddus, West Ham player, passes the ball to Pablo Fornals (the recently replaced substitute), who shoots with his right into the area. But unfortunately he went over the bar.

Minute 85: 3 contact in the Brentford attack line, Neal Maupay passes the ball to Yoan Wessa, Wessa passes it to Mbomo, he pulls the ball and passes it to Neal Maupay close to the edge of the area, and Neal Maupay advances 1-2 with Yoan Wessa in the penalty area, which It ended with Neal Maupay running and shooting. But it doesn’t match the frame. He barely missed the pole.


Talk after the game

This match was really a lot of fun, with 5 goals scored. The home team used their heads to score the three goals, while the visiting team, West Ham, used their feet to score the two goals. The first half and the second half were like different movies. The first half went to the visiting team, the Hammers, West Ham, which was better. Although the home team Brentford “killer bees” quickly took the lead. But West Ham managed to equalize. And he switched to the lead just before half-time when he came into play in the second half. It was the home team, Brentford, who did better, using the game to run high from the sideline into the penalty area, where a tall man was waiting to make his debut with a Nathan-like header. Kho. Lins, who is 193cm tall, is behind Nathan. Collins saved the day with his first header, forcing a West Ham defender into his own net, leveling the score at 2-2, and he came to his side’s aid with a second header to put them ahead. Mbomo won this match 3-2, and although he did not score any goal, he played very well, shooting beautifully with his left hand, barely missing the post 3 times, and running throughout the match. Run to help in the defensive game. As for West Ham, perhaps the best player on the team in this match was Mohamed Quddus, who scored the equalizer with a stunning left shot. It helps the team to play the offensive game very well. The match ended with Brentford recording a record of three consecutive wins in the league, and West Ham achieving a record of losing 3 consecutive times in the league.

The next program for the two teams

Liverpool vs Brentford

Brentford team

The Reds will visit Liverpool on Sunday, November 12, 2023 at 9:00 p.m. In the last match, Liverpool visited the new team Luton Town, and could only manage a 1-1 draw, which the new team was leading 1-0 goals in the 80th minute. But he equalized in the fourth minute of stoppage time, narrowly escaping defeat for the Reds.

Liverpool played 11 matches, won 7, drew 3, lost 1, has 24 points, in third place, played 5 matches at home, won all 5 matches. Brentford played 11 matches, won 4, drew 4, lost 3, He has 16 points. In ninth place, he played 5 matches away from home, winning 2, drawing 1, losing 2. The two teams met 3 times, in the 2022-2023 season, Liverpool won 2, lost 1, and won both matches at home.

In the match that will be held on Sunday, November 12, 2023, it is believed that Liverpool “the Reds” will open their stadium and collect 3 points, even though the Brentford team is in a very hot state. Liverpool lost the last match away from home to the new team, and got only one point. This match is for the home team, but we must focus on 3 points, believing that Liverpool “Reds” will definitely win. But it remains to be seen whether he will win or not.

West Ham vs Forest

West Ham United team

Their stadium will open to welcome the visit of Nottingham Forest on Sunday 12 November 2023 at 9:00pm. Forest’s last home match opened with a win over a hot top team like Singa Vong and Aston Villa scored 2-0.

West Ham played 11 matches, won 4, drew 2, lost 5. They have 14 points, ranked 11th. They played 5 matches at home, won 2, drew 1, and lost 2. While the visiting team, Forest, played 11 matches, winning 1. 3. Drawn 4, lost 4, has 13. Points in 12th place, played 6 matches away from home, won 1, tied 1, lost 4. The two teams met twice in the 2022-2023 season, and each of them took turns winning once, He won the 1. house.

West Ham will meet Forest on Sunday, November 12, 2023, at nine in the evening, and it is believed that it is an appropriate time for the “Hammers” host, West Ham United. Winning can be spelled after losing 3 consecutive league games, manager David Moyes must have been more focused. Lost the match at Brentford and West Ham are considered to be playing well. But the decisive moment was lost to the home team in the air. Come and meet Forrest this time. Teams in the same division and far away from Forest played poorly. Going by the strong cheering of the home team and a performance that Jarrod Bowen still considers reliable, especially during this period, Mohamed Quddus’ performance is really strong, and both should play an important role in what will certainly be a game against Forest. This match will test the hearts of the local “Hammers” team West Ham United.

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