Popular exchanges led by Coinbase and Binance are open to trade the latest altcoin “Omnichain”.

Coinbase, Binance and other leading cryptocurrency exchanges around the world immediately launched support for trading in the brand new altcoin from the “omnichain” project.

Layer Zero Call yourselfDescribed as a protocol that provides interoperability to Omnichain, the project aims to transfer data across the blockchain and support “messaging that resists censorship and unauthorized development via smart contracts.”

On Thursday the project launched a new native token “ZRO,” for which Binance has added support and an initial token, and Coinbase has designated the token as an experimental currency as well that can be particularly volatile.

They weren't the only exchanges to immediately endorse the asset, with OKX, Bybit, Crypto.com, and Bitfinex following suit in endorsing ZRO on Thursday as well.

On Thursday, the LayerZero Foundation also introduced a new mechanism for ZRO called “Proof of Donation,” which is designed to support the Protocol Guild, a crowdfunding mechanism for Ethereum (ETH) development.

ZRO is ranked 91 on CoinMarketCap. This price is $3.06 at the time of writing.

source: DailyHodl

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