Poll: Has your insurance outlook changed recently?

A little over a week ago, the MLBTR . ran reconnaissance He asks you about your expectations about when the season will start. The most optimistic option, that the season begins on March 31 as scheduled, was chosen by just over 16% of respondents. The next, more optimistic option, that the season begins between April 1-15, garnered just over 18% of the vote. This means that nearly two-thirds of voters expected a delay of two weeks or more.

Whether the situation has meaningfully changed at that time is a matter of opinion. For those on the pessimistic side of the spectrum, they can point to the fact that the two sides are still far apart inside their positionsthe latest permanent meeting only 15 minutes and MLB announcing The Spring Training Games will not start until March 5th at the earliest.

For those who are looking for a glimmer of hope, they can point out the fact that both sides are too Planning to meet more oftenMaybe daily, maybe as soon as tomorrow. Stalling tactics may have been exhausted and the time for serious engagement has begun. Ben Nicholson Smith He hears That the MLB is willing to be flexible on some issues and that the MLBPA has said so There will be no extended qualifiers If a full season is not played. Given that owners have been known to seek additional revenue from those additional games, perhaps this ticking clock scenario finally provides the urgency to make real headway.

Are the sleeves folded? Or is this all just for show? Is the ice about to break? Or are we only seeing PR moves? After nearly three months of mostly downtime, can the next five years of baseball be settled into the next week or two?

what you say? Are you drowning in despair, or is your hope an eternal spring? Let us know in the survey below.

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