PM satisfied with Europe tour to boost confidence, success beyond expectations assured: PPTVHD36

“Cheta” Reveals 2 French-Italian Prime Ministers Thailand's Politics Confidence in Democratic Party After elections passed, there was good news about the opening of flights. Bangkok-Milan D-Day July 1, India-Africa-Turkey planned to continue.

On May 22 in Tokyo, Japan, Prime Minister Mr. Seth Tavisin gave an interview after an official mission to visit Italy and the parallel activities of this visit to Italy were considered more successful than expected. Because the steps are clearly defined. For the past few days he has been very satisfied with what the future actions will be and what is going to be done. He believes that Thailand's political neutrality makes Thailand attractive

The Prime Minister thanked Pichit for resigning so that the country could progress.

On the first day, the Prime Minister went to Rome, Italy and met with 5 major private companies including Ducati.

Also, we are not conflicting with anyone. Italy must ensure that Thailand can supply goods without conflicting with any other country due to the commercial matter of deciding to move the production base. Of course, people living in Thailand must travel here.

The Prime Minister said that he had bilateral discussions with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Italy, Ms. Giorgia Meloni. On the occasion of his official departure for the Italian Republic, this was considered a good opportunity. Because in addition to being Prime Minister, he is also the head of the world's leading industrialized nations (G7), a position that allows him to influence member states on many issues by holding bilateral discussions in a relaxed atmosphere. Let's start with the topic of international relations. They have brought up the issue of visa exemptions for entry into the Schengen zone. Thailand has already discussed this with European member states. The Italian Prime Minister is willing to support because Thai people who have traveled to Italy in the past have no problems with immigration, have not fled, have not caused problems for Italy, and have no reason not to provide assistance to Thailand.

The Prime Minister said that the Italian Prime Minister was the first person in Europe to ask why a non-Schengen visa was needed. Apart from convenience, are there any other issues? He said it would facilitate access to each other and lead to investment. And there is exchange between citizens and citizens Once applying for a free Schengen visa is difficult and takes a long time. If you want to do business between Thailand and the European Union (EU), you should be comfortable in this matter, the Italian Prime Minister has promised to move forward fully. Including Free Trade Negotiations (FTA), FTA matters are important if private companies in Italy want to invest in Thailand to expand their manufacturing base and distribute products worldwide.

The Prime Minister said that the issue of stability is the issue of arms acquisition. And a military attaché has been appointed to coordinate joint military development with Italian defense. There is also the matter of creating a training regimen. and various technologies

A discussion was held to exchange knowledge about fashion and design as far as the design industry is concerned. Because Italy has gone too far in this matter. Italy is interested in developing clean energy for energy. and searching for natural gas resources This matter is linked to the problem of areas of overlap in the Thai-Cambodia Sea (OCA).

There is an issue raised by the Italian authorities, namely the Thai seasonal agricultural workers who only want to send workers to work in Italy. According to the labor needs of Thai people. Apart from moving to Israel, which is another option for high-income Thai farmers, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will look into the matter further.

The Prime Minister said that he will speak with the Italian Prime Minister which will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes, including time to eat together. This is considered a good thing. Because officials of many organizations are participating in it especially, the land bridge project was raised and discussed. This is Mr. Surya So, Rungruangit Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport in the food circle and regarding the matter of expanding airports in Italy, there are many technologies to participate in this matter, and the Italian Prime Minister has suggested. Both countries should have clear specific target groups and a memorandum of understanding should be signed between the private sector and the private sector. and private sector and government

It was also proposed that the Italian Prime Minister pay an official visit to Thailand. During September but at that time the G7 meeting was held, so it was decided that there might be a visit in February 2025 with an invitation to the Italian Prime Minister to visit Phuket Province. Because I know I've never traveled to Thailand, and I know I have a 7-year-old daughter who loves to travel.

The prime minister gave another good news that the Bangkok-Milan flight will open on July 1 and the Italian national airline is expected to have a Bangkok-Rome flight in the winter, perhaps interested in this matter.

I agree that 10-20 years ago, there was a trade issue between the two countries and Thailand should do better than this.

Are you worried about the political situation in Thailand? Before deciding to invest in Thailand, Mr. Setha said he was personally surprised. The two leaders don't talk about Thai politics but talk about business and he has a lot of confidence in Thailand. I believe it is about the whole process. This is where obtaining government ends with justice according to democracy. The reality is that we travel to many countries and have seen appearances on many world stages and everyone sees that Thailand is now open for business. These things are important. There is no better opportunity and moment than this moment.

“Prime Minister” insists he won't be diverted from his job – ready for hearing on “BISIT” case

The Prime Minister further emphasized that he was happy with the Italian Prime Minister despite being a woman. But he is articulate. Apart from that, there were also relevant parties who came to sit and talk with our side. This is considered a good sign.

I probably won't wait until February. A two-week follow-up is required. Contact the Thai Embassy to coordinate

Prime Minister said

This part of the journey is over. Which country are you planning to visit next month? The current Prime Minister, who has an election, has been here 4 times, has expertise in many fields and loves Thailand. A visit to Africa is also considered to open trade markets. All of this will happen from the end of the 3rd quarter to the 4th quarter, including Turkey, which is Europe's gateway country for food and agricultural products.

But henceforth on this auspicious day celebrating the birthday of His Majesty the King I shall travel nowhere more. But I will go to the part of the government initiative scheme. He has many projects and goes to inspect the work and follow up on each project. It's going well

Prime Minister said

“Prime Minister” meets executives of leading Italian bank Intesa Sanpaolo.

PM meets Lombardy Governor invites private sector to invest in Thailand

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