Plan B-Eleven partners with the French Embassy to organize “A Night in Paris,” an evening that connects two cultures.

“Plan B-Eleven launches the live broadcast of the Olympics. In collaboration with the French Embassy, ​​come and experience the countdown to the Paris 2024 Olympics, the sports festival of humanity. In the night that connects the two cultures, “A Night in Paris” in the heart of Bangkok.”

  • Paris is so amazing! Get ready to welcome people from all over the world. Share 5 famous stories in preparation for Paris 2024.
  • Wow Welcoming service partner Omega Global made its first major media appearance for Plan B out of home in the heart of Bangkok.

It was an unforgettable night. For the “A Night in Paris” event: Plan B Eleven, co-management rights for the live broadcast of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and official marketing management rights in Thailand, in cooperation with Dent. Denstu Inc., Japan A special evening with the “Night in Paris” event was created with the French Embassy in Thailand. Let us begin the first step of the journey at the time of the Sports Festival of Humanity “Paris Olympics 2024” in Thailand, sending encouragement to encourage Thai athletes to win medals, and within the event we were honored with Important people in various circles participate and join the push to watch and encourage Thai Olympic athletes, such as Queen Jamal Africa Lubin, Culture and Cooperation Advisor. Embassy of France in Thailand, Mr Surasak Kirdchantok, Deputy Governor for Sports Excellence and Sports Sciences Thai Sports Authority and Thai Olympic Gold Medalist, Tennis Panipak Wongpatanakit, Thai National Taekwondo Player, Purpo Sabhaiyasiri Tairatanachai, Thai National Badminton Player, Wayu Saisoni , the world's number one Thai wheelchair fencing athlete, Woody Wutithorn Mylin Jinda, and Antonio Antoine. Pinto, Bongsuk Hiranbrook and many others attended the event at Crystal Box Kasorn Er. The Urban Resort has recently gone.

To say that all of France at this time is full of anxious expectation. In full view of the Parisian people and it will not be surprising to know that the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will this time mark the centenary of its return as host. The Olympic Games again This is the third time, the first time Paris hosted the competition was in 1900, the next time was in 1924 or 100 years ago, so the atmosphere of preparation for it was the preparation in Paris at this time was full of an atmosphere of happiness. Spreading fun, excitement, liveliness and joy throughout Paris. And every city in France, which of course will broadcast the exciting story for the eyes of those attending the Night in Paris event to experience Parisian chic style in every dimension at once. Whether it's the angle of the atmosphere and the feeling of being a host. The decoration of the city, the readiness to receive tourists in the shops, the current situation of hotels and accommodation, and even the hot topics that invite people to hang out in cafes. Or viral like what's trending right now

Written by Ms. Avi Lubin, Counselor for Culture and Cooperation, French Embassy in Thailand It tells of the magic of culture and the people of Paris being willing to welcome people from all over the world as hosts, let them know and the French government, as the host country of this competition, is pleased to introduce this sport. In a new style that combines culture mixed with modernity, it is presented through sport to the world to absorb as much as possible about France.

And for a special guest like a handsome young man of French nationality with a Thai heart who has always followed the fashion trends of Paris, the elegant city, like Antonio Antoine Pinto, here is the story of Paris 2024 to bring you insider stories in Paris first: a countdown to the moment everyone has been waiting for.

Did you know!…..

  • In 2024, Paris will become the second city to host three Summer Olympics, after London. It has been exactly 100 years since it was last hosted in 1924.
  • The Paris 2024 Olympic Games will introduce a new sport: breaking, where athletes (called b-boys and b-girls) will be judged on a number of criteria during their routine. Technical skills including creativity, style, speed, strength, rhythm and agility.
  • Both Russia and Belarus are banned from sending athletes to the Olympics due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. While Belarus supports Russian military operations, athletes from these countries can participate in the competition as individuals. As an individual neutral athlete
  • The organizing committee for the Paris 2024 Olympics pledged to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 55% compared to the average of 3.5 million tons set for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which is a first step towards achieving this goal. This aims to reduce the construction of pre-competition facilities by 75% and temporary construction by 20%, meaning that only 5% of the construction will be permanent buildings, namely the Olympic Village and Aquatics Centre. This represents a 10-fold reduction in construction compared to last time.
  • The medals, which will be awarded at Paris 2024, were designed by Philippe Starck, one of the world's most famous and prolific designers. The medal is designed to be divided into four parts so that winning athletes can share their success with others, and the design is modeled on the torch for the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France. The designers were asked to design a new concept for the medal. Which is part of the bid to host the Olympic Games in 2024

“In addition to preparing to welcome people from all over the world who will come to Paris, people in the French business sector, including famous influencers in France, are now showing their solidarity. Conveying the identity of the French style in every dimension comes as a result of work and cooperation that will continue to see movements such as Joint support as a global sponsor such as LVMH, which owns famous brands in many different fields. In the group there are many types of companies such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Celine, Givenchy, Fendi, Bvlgari, Tiffany & Co., Tag Heuer, Hublot, etc. , and has campaigns to communicate with people around the world through fashion. Dimension. Related to the content of competition in the Olympic Games and there are activities to enhance popularity by working with famous athletes, as Berluti participated in the design and management of the sportswear department, Sephora, Moët & Chandon, or including Philips Starck, the international French designer. Award in the “Made to Share” concept, Mathieu Lehanor, the famous person who designed this innovative torch design, etc. As French people in Thailand, we hope it will be fun for Thai people to watch the exhibition competition. “This world-class sport goes together,” said Miss A.F. Lubain at the conclusion of this segment. Movement from France

As for the three Olympic stars, Tennis Panipak Wongpatanakit, Popo Savai Seri Tirattanchai and Wayu Saisoni Chana, they all said the same thing, saying they were very excited but had trained hard and prepared all the way. It's time to get the gold medal. battle. This time the Olympics are in full force. Ask all Thais to join in cheering.

For the most prominent moments of this special night that connects two cultures, Thailand and France, which everyone has been waiting for, OMEGA's global partner for the Olympic Games. We have arranged a wonderful surprise! Announcing the official countdown to the start of the 2024 Paris Olympics in Thailand on the largest interactive digital screen in the world with an area of ​​more than 3,400 square meters above the Central World Building. Stretching along the entire length of the building, it sparkled with guests on the 19th floor of the Gaysorn Urban Resort building, creating a dazzling and exciting excitement for people around Ratchadamri Road for more than 5 minutes, which is considered the first step. A great trip to the Friendship Festival for All Mankind in the midst of merging. The Thai-French relationship was very warm throughout the evening.

In this regard, Plan B-Eleven, which is involved in the management of live broadcast rights, management rights and official marketing of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games in Thailand in cooperation with Dentsu Inc. (Denstu Inc.), Japan Invite Thai people across the country to join part of the sports festival “Paris 2024 Olympics” is ready to send encouragement to cheer on Thai athletes. Winning a medal in the competition, which will be held from July 26 – August 11 and continues with the Paralympics on August 27 – September 8, 2024 under Lee. “Best of the Best” which divides communication into 5 stages.

Phase 1: “Best of Sports Festivals” April 17 – June 16, 100 Day Countdown Phase 2: “Best of the Athletes” June 16 – July 26 Phase 3: “Best of the Competition” July 26 – August 11 , Stage 4: “Best Success” August 11 – 27, and Stage 5: “Best Competition” July 26 – August 11 “Humans” Between August 27 – September 8, 2024, the most exciting time for superhumans in the Paralympic Games. The throne on the world stage


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