Pisces weekly horoscope

Hello, Pisces, who are like a “fish” swimming in the ocean of ideas. And feelings without limits

finance You may receive a windfall from your share of the inheritance. Profit from dealing with partners or a debtor who thinks he has lost his money bring back some money and on the sixth and eighth days, if you want to follow up and claim, there is also a high limit to get some money back.

a job Trading, providing services, or acting as an agent or broker is still in good standing. That will make the money flow but this is the period that you should be careful of. Or avoid “interfering” in other people’s work or tasks because apart from doing good and not doing good it will also bring difficulties. The problem comes to you too…don’t swing your foot to make a mistake!

love Love, affection and affection from a lover or spouse may lead to good fortune. Money and valuables were piled up in front of him. And for those born in Pisces who still have a past love buried in their hearts. He’s in good shape for his interview. Or they have been contacted I would like to come back and rebuild our relationship as well.

health If you have a chronic illness, you should pay more attention to taking care of yourself. Because during this period there may be a relapse, and you should be especially careful on the fourth to fifth day.

advice Until May 19, 2025, Phra Rahu, the element of wind, was the pale shadow of the world. It will rotate backwards and cast a shadow on Pisces, the sign of the wide waterway, like the sea or ocean, or it can be compared to the vast and limitless imagination of Pisces people. It is a sign that water and wind come together. It may also cause mood swings due to greed, delusion, anger and delusion, which if cannot be stopped. It could be dangerous and hurt yourself!

Starting April 22 of this year and for another year, Jupiter is the star of Pisces. It will orbit with Uranus and until October there will be Rahu traveling with you as well. It is a sign that if you are brave, and ready to brave the fight, dare to be a new beginner. You must be wary of the “risks” of not being adequately prepared. This can cause you to expect things to change so that you lose money, lose opportunities, and lose people you love. Affection quickly!

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