Pinocchio’s first proper trailer shows Guillermo del Toro’s new look at the classics

after, after Some harassment on TwitterNetflix has released the latest Guillermo del Toro trailer Pinocchioshows a dark and beautiful rendering of the classic tale – with the exquisite attention to detail for which the director is known.

We first got a glimpse of Stop-Motion through it A short teaser at the beginning of the year. It stars Ewan McGregor as cricketer and David Bradley as Geppetto, with Gregory Mann in the titular role. Del Toro – famous for movies like water shapeAnd the crimson peakAnd the Pan . maze – Participates in directing Pinocchio Along with Mark Gustafson, the film has previously been described as something of a passion project.

“After years of pursuing this dream project, I’ve found my perfect partner at Netflix,” he said in 2020. “We’ve spent a great deal of time coordinating the remarkable cast and crew, and we’ve been blessed with the continued support of Netflix for a calm and thoughtful Soldier, you hardly miss a moment. We all love animation and do it with great passion and believe it’s the perfect way to retell this classic in a whole new way.”

The movie is part of Netflix’s stop-motion mini comeback. In addition to Pinocchiobroadcast service Issue the anthology the home Early this yearshe has Wendell and Wild Coming this fallAnd the working on new chicken running And the Wallace and Gromit Movies.

Pinocchio It’s set to hit Netflix this holiday season.

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