Peacock weighs in on HBO Max rebranding with proposal to change its R-rated name — Deadline

Warner Bros.’s HBO Max streaming platform has become a rebrand. Discovery is effective today with the Max officially launched.

With Max getting all the attention on social media, other streamers took the opportunity to sway the rebrand.

The social media director for NBCUniversal’s Peacock did a little digging into the HBO Max brand after it dropped the first half of its name. Peacock assured his followers and users that they will not follow this trend.

“I know you are all very frustrated, but I will no The first half of my name is being dropped anytime soon,” read tweet.

Peacock, a compound word for a male peacock, refers to the colorful NBC logo that has defined the network for decades.

On Instagram, social media handlers enjoyed the fan’s responses afterwards Share their viral tweet.

One user suggested, “The person on social media deserves a raise for this,” and Peacock replied, “Brb sent this to my boss.”

When a user asked Peacock to “live a little,” the brand replied, “My words are to legal exactly.”

Peacock said they made it clear they wouldn’t change their name because they felt “questions were coming.”

Peacock interacting with fans on their Instagram account

Instagram @peacock

This wasn’t the hardest blow Max took today, as many users also took to social media to voice their complaints and having to download a separate app to continue enjoying programming.

Max is the merger of HBO Max and Discovery + announced in April by the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery David Zaslav.

“This is a real moment for us… This is our time. This is our chance, and anything is possible.” I feel, for our company, this is our rendezvous with destiny.

The streaming device has content ranging from the likes of HBO Succession to TLC Dr. Pimple Popper. Read everything you need to know about Max here.

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