Partygate Corruption: Boris Johnson Votes in Parliament


British parliamentarians voted this Thursday on the possibility that the prime minister’s shortcomings were illegally gathered during his imprisonment and that he be sacked.

On April 20, 2022, Boris Johnson was surrounded by journalists on a flight to India, where he is currently on an official visit.

On April 20, 2022, Boris Johnson was surrounded by journalists on a flight to India, where he is currently on an official visit.


The crisis is not over for Boris Johnson: British MPs debated and voted on the “partygate” on Thursday, which was organized during the imprisonment of the prime minister on Downing Street.

Did the Conservative leader knowingly mislead Parliament? With his majority, there is little risk that the House of Commons will approve the start of a parliamentary procedure that could force him to resign.

But this vote, above all, gives an idea of ​​the level of support of his troops, preventing Boris Johnson from turning the page on this scandal. The case, which took a seat sometime after the war in Ukraine, was revived last week, with Kovit fined for violating anti-government restrictions by attending a surprise party for his 56th birthday in June 2020, becoming the first incumbent British. Head of Government recognized for violating the law.

Coming to India, he will not be participating in Parliament. On Tuesday, he reiterated his “unreserved” apologies to parliamentarians and Englishmen, saying the meeting “did not occur to me” for “a maximum of ten minutes” which, in his opinion, “may have violated the rules”. Is in effect.

It is not enough to convince the opposition to put forward a motion for debate in the House of Commons to find out whether the Prime Minister has knowingly misled Parliament, repeatedly saying at Westminster Palace that he respects all the rules.

At the end of the debate on Thursday, MPs will vote on whether to transfer the matter to the Privilege Committee, the parliamentary committee responsible for such matters. If captured, the committee will investigate whether the delegates were deceived by the Prime Minister and, if necessary, its size and purpose are unclear. But the Cabinet Act provides for the resignation of the Minister who knowingly misled Parliament.

The motion is unlikely to pass because the Conservative Party has a majority in the General Assembly. Many MPs who once called for Boris Johnson to leave also believe it was inappropriate to expel him from Downing Street in the context of the war in Ukraine. However, the discussion will allow potential slinkers to declare themselves. When local elections come on May 5, the attitude of the elected conservatives is torn between loyalty to their leader and voter anger.

“Dignity and Honesty”

“We urge Tory MPs to do the right thing: to respect the sacrifices of their constituents during epidemics and to say that it is right for the public to play by the rules,” Labor leader Khair Stormer said.

On Tuesday, opposition leader Boris Johnson called him a “shameless man” and called on the majority of MPs to remove their leader in order to restore “dignity, honesty and integrity” in British political life. The head of government has come under fire from within his own camp, with Conservative MP Mark Harper saying he no longer “qualifies” to be prime minister.

In addition to the possible parliamentary investigation, the press reports that Boris Johnson has not been released from the new fines for participating in at least five festive events. On a date not yet known, he will have to face the decisions of senior civil servant Sue Grave, who has already been crushed by a pre-statement “errors of leadership and judgment”.


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