Papua New Guinea notifies the United Nations of a massive landslide that could bury “more than 2,000 people”

Foreign news agencies report from Port Moresby. Papua New Guinea on May 27 reported that the Papua New Guinea Office of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation had sent a message to the United Nations stating that a landslide had struck a village. Which is located at the foot of Mount Mangalo in Inga Province, the northern part of the country, last Friday, “more than 2,000 people” may be buried and damaged, and it has a “large scale” and has a significant impact on the economy and people’s lives.

However, the overall situation remains critical. This is because the soil in that area is still moving. Which becomes an obstacle to the work of rescue workers searching for missing persons, while the mission at this time needs support from every sector. Whether it is soldiers and civilian rescue workers at the national and local levels as well as international support

Papua New Guinea is one of the countries that has a humid climate throughout the year. It has been exposed to many earthquakes, floods and landslides. Since the beginning of this year, one of them is A landslide that occurred near Inga County in March killed at least 23 people.

Image source: Agence France-Presse

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