Panthers Restructure Christian McCaffrey Contract, Reportedly Removes $5.5 Million in Ceiling Space

The Carolina Panthers He had a strong start, re-signed like a wide receiver DJ More and Cornerback don’t jackson With talent also added in the weak points of the roster, such as the offensive line. It is said that the Panthers have not finished taking steps yet, completing a simple restructuring on running backwards Christian McCphrey contract, redeeming approximately $5.5 million in cover space, According to Tom Pellisero of the NFL.

The Panthers now have the most space available in the NFL at $29,060,636, In more than the maximum. As for the reason for this move, Carolina is still looking for the midfielder, and may be the favorite for relegation San Francisco 49ers caller signal Jimmy Garoppolo. However, it’s also possible that Carolina choose to use her sixth overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft to add a quarterback instead of sending the picks to San Fran.

The modified contract belongs to Carolina’s highest-grossing run in the NFL. Back in April of 2020, Panthers Back market restart McCaffrey signed a four-year deal worth $16 million per season. But the contract unfortunately undermined McCaffrey’s success, playing only 10 games over the past two years due to multiple injuries. In the season before signing his record-breaking extension, McCaffrey roasted NFL defenses for 2,392 scrimmage yards and 19 total touchdowns.

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