Pamper your skin with D-Nee Yogurt Formula Shower Cream.

New things that girls love “D-Nee Yogurt Formula Shower Cream” (D-nee Body Bath Yogurt) for soft and moisturized skin. Looks as healthy as a baby’s skin is the pride of D-nee, the leader in the best products that girls with sensitive skin can trust to use, from Neo Corporate, a leading Thai consumer products company.

Start your day fresh with a shower that leaves you clean and refreshed. It has a pleasant scent that satisfies modern girls who love the delicacy of nature. DeNe Shower Cream with Yogurt New formula 100% natural yoghurt from France rich in lactose and protein helps make skin soft, supple and moisturised, including Phytosoothe Prebiotic and Relipidium Probiotic to help restore moisture. Soothes and strengthens the skin Including the combination of bio-technology technology Helps retain good bacteria Maintains skin balance Free of skin-harming chemicals Ready to pass the irritation test Gentle cleansing, easy rinsing, and most importantly proven long-lasting fragrance Helps maintain… Moisturizes the skin for up to 8 hours.

D-Nee Yogurt Shower Cream comes with two fragrances to choose from: Berry Crush Refreshing berry scent Soft, smooth, healthy-looking skin with red fruit extract. Rich in Vitamin C, it helps protect the skin from pollution and Peachy Pops The peach scent is sweet and lovely, mixed with the value of peach and yuzu essence. Keep your skin soft and moisturized. Look radiant Ready to gently exfoliate skin cells.

Delivering the value of real yoghurt for clean, smooth, soft and healthy-looking skin with D-Nee Yogurt Shower Cream 450ml, buy one get one free for just 169 baht from today – November 22 at Big C and Big C Online. Including what’s available on EVEANDBOY and online channels Konvy, Shopee, Lazada or follow via www.facebook/Dneethhailand

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