Palestine reveals 471 bodies of hospital bombing victims

The Palestinian Authority confirmed this on Wednesday. The death toll in the recent attack on the hospital reached 471 people, and Israel and Palestinian armed groups exchange accusations of responsibility for the attack.

At approximately 7:00 pm on Tuesday, October 17, 2023, local time in the Gaza Strip. A powerful explosion occurred in the courtyard of the National Arab Hospital in Gaza City, causing dozens of cars to catch fire. Parked in that area. At the same time, the hospital building was severely damaged.

Canon Richard Sewell, Dean of St. George’s College in Jerusalem, told the BBC that at the time of the incident, more than 1,000 people displaced by violence between Israel and Hamas were using the square as a shelter. Meanwhile, there were nearly 600 staff and patients inside the hospital building.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said on Wednesday that the death toll in the explosion had reached 471, while the Israeli military said the death toll had been deliberately inflated. But they didn’t rate it. How many victims were in this incident?

However, the Palestinian side immediately condemned the incident as an Israeli act. It sparked anti-Israel protests across the Arab world. Including European and Asian Islamic societies.

While the Israeli side came out to deny this by publishing an audio clip of a conversation between two people that Israel claims ownership of, and he is a member of the Hamas movement. We are talking about, and the Islamic Jihad movement is another armed group in Gaza. A missile fired from its target hit the Al-Ahly Arab Hospital, which was later denied by the Islamic Jihad movement.

Furthermore, Israel said that a video was captured by their drone. It reveals the path of a missile fired from Gaza towards Israeli territory. There is also a road that passes through the Arab National Hospital.

US President Joe Biden, who visited Israel on Wednesday, affirms unity with Israel, including stating that the information he obtained from the Israeli side in the US Department of Defense made him believe the attack on the Arab National Hospital was most likely not the work of the Israeli army.

“From what I can see,” Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “This appears to be someone else’s business, not yours.”

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