OtterBox’s MagSafe battery pack outperforms Apple

When Dieter Bohn Apple MagSafe Battery Pack ReviewHe wasn’t entirely happy with his performance. Unfortunately, the relatively small battery pack didn’t have enough juice to get you through the iPhone 12 all at once. And like most things from Apple, it came at an unusually high price and only worked with its own Lightning cable.

Since then, other manufacturers like Anker have produced MagSafe battery packs with friendlier features and better capacity. Now, case makers at Otterbox have joined the trend with a pair of MagSafe wireless power banks that cost less than the Apple model but offer better capacity and features. The Otterbox lineup includes both the 5000mAh and 3000mAh models that cost $69.99 and $49.95, respectively.

Double-sided magnets allow the battery to stand between any compatible MagSafe charging case and dock, allowing you to park your phone and battery pack simultaneously. The battery pack itself is compatible with any Apple iPhone or iPhone case or Otterbox with MagSafe charging.

Another feature that sets this battery pack apart from the Apple model is the USB-C port, which allows the pack to act as an external battery for other devices. According to the specifications listed on the Otterbox website, the output is listed as a 5W Qi charging standard, which should allow it to wirelessly charge other Qi-compatible devices as well.

The battery pack uses the USB-C charging standard
Photo: Otterbox

This list of features combined with competitive pricing gives the Otterbox battery pack an edge over the Apple model, which uses a less versatile charging standard and still costs around $99.99 at retail.

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