Opening the vault of the old game on the ninth anniversary of the first ink shooter Splatoon, a dark horse game that will be addictive.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024 at 2:45 PM 36 seconds IST

“Splatoon is not just a video game. But it can be compared to the religion that the Shabu people love.” This is the definition of what Japanese are. (And in our country) this definition was given by many people who are fans of the game Splatoon. Because it's fun to play with and it gets sticky like a gecko clinging to our face so we can't remove it. (very metaphorical) And inMay 28, 2015 is the release date for the first Splatoon game for the Wii U. It is like the birth of a new religion in this world. Today, let us get to know this colorful ink game. Why was this game praised? Let's come and see together.

Let's start with the story. Splatoon is set in the distant future. When humanity causes itself to become extinct due to certain events. (The first part of the game is not told, but is revealed in the third part) As time passed, the sea began to dry up. Marine animals began to evolve on land. The first two species of squid to reach Earth and evolve first were the Sai squid (a large-headed squid with tentacles) and the Banana squid (a long squid that was baked for sale). These two tribes did not agree and fought. I have been here the whole time. Using human technology from the past era. Until time passed and the war ended. Until the war turned into scattered ink, it has become a new type of sports where the two ink tribes will fight here. This is the story of this game.

Let's take a look at the gameplay system Splatoon is a third-person online multiplayer shooter (character vision) where we have to create our own little squid character. There are only a few types of skin color, hairstyle and facial features. Before playing, you must register for Nintendo Online on a monthly/yearly basis before you can play. The game will feature several different modes, including a color-filling race mode that is the heart of the game. Ranked mode which is divided into smaller scenes such as pushing towers. Filling color takes up space. And story mode where we will receive tasks from the twin octopuses to go through different levels.

What makes many people love this game is the color fill mode. We and four other friends had to work together to fill the floor with as much paint as possible in the scene. (You can fill in the other person's color.) When time runs out, whoever fills in the most colors wins.

It sounds simple, but when you actually play it, it becomes even more fun. Because there are many weapons that we use to add paint. There are different types of weapons, including double shotguns, machine guns, bazookas, and sniper rifles. In addition, there are paint pieces, brushes, and special moves. Depending on the weapons, we can shoot our opponents. Once this way, the toy will count down and wait for birth. The shootout was fun, exciting and addictive. At the end of our turn, we will get money to buy clothes and to buy weapons. Clothing includes hats, glasses, clothes and shoes. Which can be equipped with various skills to develop our character to be unique and when you see this, the game becomes very easy to understand, even a beginner can understand each system in just one second. It is different from other online games, which is the advantage of this game. Or go play the fun and entertaining story mode, which is like a regular game where you can take on boss battles.

Read here for anyone interested in playing. You don't have to invest in buying a Nintendo Wii U to waste time (so far the first part is still in play) because the game has now been released in 3 parts and the third part of Splatoon is on Nintendo Switch. It has added new weapon scenes and various activities for you to play, and this does not even include the Amiibo that have Special sets of this game for you to collect. Come and play now and you will definitely never give up the game. When playing, don't forget to register for Nintendo Switch Online as well, and once you play, you'll know why this game has become a religion in Japan. (In Japan, this game is so popular) that you may be a follower without even realizing it.

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