Open the way of love Pie and Inspector Bear after marriage came out to reveal their married life | News in thailand

Open the way of love Pie and Inspector Bear and after marriage they came out to reveal their married life.

From the case of Pancake Khimanit and her husband P’Mee appearing on the Now You C-Amy program to reveal secrets after their marriage. Pie with Faye Bear At one point they both talked about their different personalities. Pei Mei said it was different before and after the wedding: he was angry and hungry, and whatever happened, he assumed it had to do with the shoes. We have a lot of shoes and we will pile them up in front of the house. If you’re in a good mood, it’s okay to stop by. But when he was in a bad mood, he would stumble and cry. Why should your shoes be like this in front of the house? And when should I keep it? It remains as it was before, but today it obstructs your view.

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We’ll get you back on the love track again for this couple.

The two met by chance at an event. One hit the heroine, Pancake. He often goes to charity events and regular merit making events so that we often meet and both parties are fascinated, and then agree to study and understand each other.

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The two have been together for more than 10 years. Both fans and close people hope that Pancake and Inspector Mee will get good news quickly. As of today, June 10, the couple has been able to hold hands and get married.

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For the couple, today the young heroine Pancake Khimanit Jamikorn and her boyfriend Inspector Mei, police lieutenant colonel Saxonthorn Primanon, were married today, who had an auspicious time. After being together for more than 10 years, with family and artists congratulating each other a lot. Previously, many people were hoping for good news. On May 1, the couple’s Instagram account revealed a photo of the teddy bears wearing wedding dresses together. Ready to add the hashtag #panmethesimplify #GoodStory PanBear makes artists and fans a congratulatory parade

On the last day (May 29), Pancake, Inspector Mei and their families celebrated the happy occasion. Out of respect for the Supreme Patriarch, he requested to drink Buddhist holy water and offer blessings on the auspicious wedding day for the prosperity of life.

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