One person was killed and another was injured in a car crash in Berlin

A car collided with bystanders Wednesday morning in central Berlin near the Bonhof Zoo. One person was killed and eight were injured, firefighters told AFP.

A police spokesman said the vehicle collided with a window and its driver was arrested in the shopping district near the zoo. She could not specify whether this was a deliberate act or a loss of control of the vehicle.

According to Daily Bild, the victim is a male. A photo published by a popular newspaper showed rescue workers and policemen busy around a stretcher.

The facts took place near Kedaktnikirsch (Memorial Church), a major monument in the western part of the German capital, located on the KÓ«ârferstentum, one of Berlin’s busiest commercial arteries.

On December 19, 2016, several policemen were stopped at the scene of an Islamic Ram truck attack on a Christmas market near the square where 12 people were killed.

According to the local newspaper BZ, the car is a silver Renault vehicle. A photo circulating on Twitter showed a small vehicle with a passenger door open and a large perfume chain embedded in the window.


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