ONE Championship: Given Nabil's path to world class, who will he face in the future in the bantamweight division?

Paving the way to global levelNabil AnnanA 20-year-old rising star fighter with a flexible punch of Thai-Algerian-French descent after winning a US$100,000 (about 3.6 million baht) sports contract in the fight. One Lumpini 69 On July 5th

by “NabilHe has a fighting performance. One Lumpini Suay Luxurious has won 3 fights and lost 1, all of which have been against top fighters in Thailand, including Nakrob Fairtex and Muangthai PK.Saenchai, two strongmen in the flyweight division (125-135 lbs) and recently moved up to the bantamweight division (135-145 lbs), where he made his debut with a knockout of Kublabdam Sor.Jor.

Today we would like to take you to open the way to the world level.Nabil“In this generation, who should I compete with in the world rankings if I want to ascend to the throne?”Jonathan HaggertySitting and occupying

Jonathan Haggerty

#Nico Carrillo
#1 ranked contender in ONE Muay Thai, Bantamweight Division.


25 year old fighter from Scotland, entered the ring 4 times in one fight, in addition to winning them all. I have not finished all the games yet and I am waiting for the competition for the throne in the near future.

#Nong O Hama Muay Thai
ONE Muay Thai Ranked #2 Bantamweight Contender.


The former Muay Thai world champion is the man of this generation who has held the title for a long time. Along with a single-fight record, he has a winning record of up to 11 fights against opponents and can be said to be full of experience and high-quality skill.

#Philip Lobo
ONE Muay Thai Ranking #3 Bantamweight Contender.


Brazilian boxer, nicknamed “Demolition Man” (Demolition Man) with an aggressive boxing style. Extraordinary skill in addition, he once challenged for the throne of Muay Thai. of this generation twice, but was disappointed both times by losing by knockout.Nong or” And “Jonathan HaggertyBut every time I see Philip in the ring, if time is not running out he is ready to fight until the last moment for victory.

#symapatch vertex
ONE Muay Thai Ranking #4 Bantamweight Contender.


“Left Lightning”, 29, from Chiang Mai, has previously held the position of the number one contender in the rankings for many years. He has challenged the throne once before but was unsuccessful, winning as many as 9 fights with one match, which can be said that he is a left-handed puncher who cannot be underestimated even for a second.

#Liam Harrison
ONE Muay Thai Ranking #5, Bantamweight Division.


The last with “Liam Harrison“A 38 year old veteran from the UK. Who has been through many arenas. He has challenged for the throne once before but lost to”Nong or“The world champion at the time, along with”Liam“I'm about to return to the ring to duel with Seksan A. Kwanmuang this September. One 168 In the United States, though,Liam“It will be very old indeed but the fighting form is still fierce. There are dangerous weapons that the opponent cannot afford to take lightly.

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