On the first night of “Nung Ning’s” funeral, the grieving family was attended by the 14-year-old’s father and offered financial support.

The first night of the funeral procession “Nung Ning” Prime Minister Setha sent a wreath to express his condolences. Bambam – Mark Duan – Non Thanont was on hand to co-host, while the 14-year-old’s father made an appearance at the funeral. Ready to help

At 3:00 pm on October 14, 2023, reporters went to Bang Bai Temple, Phra Aram Luang, Sala 2 (Sala Rittie), Nonthaburi Province, Bang Pua Thong District, where the funeral took place. Miss Penbiwan was one of 14 children killed in a shooting at Mittam Pitak, or Nung Ning, in Siam Paragon. While waiting for Nung Ning’s body to arrive at Pang Pai Temple, Mr. Setha Tavisin, Prime Minister, Pol. Colonel. Thawee Chotsong, Minister of Justice, Watanya Punnak or Madam Dear, Siam Paragon Development Company Limited, I got. 7, the executive of the group Gus is the Breath, Non Thanont and many more are gradually brought to the said pavilion.

62-year-old Miss Punyapat Woranandanabaipoon, aunt said that first Prime Minister Mr. There will be evenings from Seth Taweesin, I Got 7, Nont Thanont and more. The place is ready. They waited for his body to reach the temple. Now my mother and sister are going to pick me up from Chulangorn Hospital.

Later, at the Department of Forensic Medicine, Chulalongkorn Hospital, with Mrs Bhavini Varadaweesawat, aunt, Nangning’s mother. I traveled for 3 days to contact to receive the body for cremation at Phang Pai Phra Aram Luang Temple, Sala 2, Phang Rak Pathana Sub-District, Nonthaburi Province, Phang Pua Thong District. The atmosphere was sad. The officers then loaded the body into a Toyota van. Computer Model, Pan Color, Registration No. HP 5759, Bangkok. Be on time for the ceremony

Then around 3:40pm, Nung Ning’s body arrived at Phang Pai Temple. The body was then taken to the pavilion for the funeral, with many relatives, close friends and the I GOT 7 fan group joining the funeral. Sadness and sadness surrounded.

A relative of Lt. Col. Sanachai Mithampitak, an infantry school instructor at the Infantry Center in Nanning, said the family has now begun to cope with their loss. But mother will be the saddest. Because they have been together since birth till date Nung Ning’s father is my real uncle who died in 2015. After that, he lived forever with his two mothers in a Muang Thong Thani condo.

As for the relatives, they reconciled each other, in fact, his younger brother was the strongest. His younger brother was strong after being beaten like this. If he is beaten like this, do you think he will live as well as his brother? Now her little one is resting comfortably, no aches and pains. It was a boost since his younger brother was still alive. As for the parents of the offending child, they have already gone to the hospital to talk. But even after his death he did not communicate anything. As for Nong Ning’s mother, she has already said that she is sorry. Nobody wants this to happen. But at birth, we seem to have our own immunity. You have to take care of your mind. You have to make up your mind. If you go and reserve karma. It never ends.

In this regard, I would like to send a message to parents or those who are concerned about teachers who can train and develop knowledge from the first teacher who was a parent. That is, teachers in school try to inculcate these things while teaching. And give the children as much love and connection as possible Draw his heart to be with us. Don’t ignore him. If left to him he may become addicted to the game or be misguided. I have 1 daughter, I will buy a dog for my daughter, the child will have a crush on the dog. This may not happen.

Then at 5:00 pm, His Excellency Representative Krom Wang Bu Yai will place a wreath in front of the casket of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Sakri Sirindhorn’s office Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Sakri Sirindhorn. Abhidhamma recitation and cremation are scheduled for Khun Nungning Penbiwan Mithampitak. Arrange the following for funerals at Bang Pai Phra Aram Luang Temple, Bang Pua Thong Sub-District, Nonthaburi Province, Sala 2.

On October 15, 2023, the funeral service is scheduled to be held at 4:30 PM with Abhidhamma prayers at 7:00 PM. Hosted by Syam Baragan.

October 16, 2023, 7:00 PM Abhidhamma Prayer, Mr. Bombam, Mr. Mark Duan, GOT7, co-hosts.

October 17, 2023, 7:00 pm Abhidhamma prayer, hosted by Mr. Nont Thanont and family.

On October 18, 2023, First Round of Abhidhamma Prayer at 5:30 PM and Second Round of Abhidhamma Prayer at 7:00 PM will be conducted by Super Turtle Public Company Limited.

October 19, 2023 Serve lunch to 10 monks at 11:00 am, hear a sermon at 2:00 pm and conduct a fire meeting at 4:00 pm.

Later, at 6:20 pm, the father of the 14-year-old child came to the temple, the reporter said. And went to pay respects at the feet of Mrs. Pensri. Mithampitak, 72, handed over an envelope to Nung Ning’s mother, saying it was basic financial aid and lighting incense in front of Nong Nung Ning’s corpse, the 14-year-old’s father declined to answer questions from reporters.

Ms Pensri Mithambita said Nang Ning’s mother did not say anything to her. He came to him and apologized. Then he sent the envelope. First give the basics and then I will help as much as I can, he said. Thus he said, I also feel sorry for him. When he came to apologize, I thanked him. Then forgive him. But he was angry that he hadn’t checked his child’s room more carefully. There were lots of guns and ammunition

Later, he walked to speak to relatives of those injured in the incident. I think I will contact you later and talk for a while. He also apologized to the injured relatives.

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