Olaf Scholz – “Putin’s War” Challenges Peace in Europe “


German Chancellor condemns Ukrainian invasion He invited German parliamentarians to an extraordinary session on Sunday.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholes was pathetic at a news conference on Thursday.


Olaf Scholes said Thursday that the Russian invasion of Ukraine “endangers the lives of countless innocent people” and “questions the peace in Europe.”

“The Russian president is again blatantly violating international law,” the German president denounced in a statement to the press, for whom “none of this can be justified.”

The German leader summoned the German delegation to an extraordinary session on Sunday and hammered out “this is Putin’s war.”

“Thus Putin is bringing suffering and destruction to his direct neighbors, he is violating Ukraine’s sovereignty and borders, he is endangering the lives of countless innocent people in Ukraine, and ultimately he is undermining peace on our continent,” Angela Merkel’s successor slammed.

“Balanced and clear” reaction

“As chairman of the G7, I promise a balanced and clear response during a video conference of G7 heads of state and heads of state this afternoon,” he warned.

“We will see that Putin made a big mistake in his war,” he said, calling on Russia to “immediately stop the military offensive and bloodshed.”

Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, with airstrikes and ground forces entering from several directions, and Ukrainian authorities announced an initial estimate a few hours later that about fifty people had been killed, including ten civilians.

As emergency meetings were planned in several Western countries, including NATO and the European Union, the attack immediately provoked an outcry from the international community.


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