Occupied West Bank: Three Palestinians killed by Israeli forces


Three Palestinians were killed and eight others were wounded Friday morning in an operation by Israeli forces in the fortified stronghold of Palestinian militants in the occupied West Bank, local news agency Wafa reported.

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According to the source, Israeli forces have stepped up operations in the area in recent months, killing three people in a shootout with the vehicle in which they were traveling. An AFP photographer at the scene found the remains of three young men in a local morgue and a white vehicle with bullet holes and broken glass.

For its part, the Israeli military said in a brief message in Hebrew that it had carried out an operation in the Gene field to locate weapons in two different locations. According to the Army, the soldiers opened fire as soon as they arrived at the first location and then opened fire, then spotted a suspicious roadside vehicle on the way to the second location.

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“The gunfire was aimed at the soldiers who thwarted the terrorists’ plans to target them,” the military said, indicating the presence of two M-16 assault rifles and ammunition in the area. Conflicts. The Israeli military has stepped up attacks in recent weeks in and around the Zenin camp, the stronghold of the Palestinian militia, which has been blamed for recent attacks in Israel.

Shirin Abu Agle, the star of the Al-Jazeera-based Arab channel, was shot dead on the sidelines of an Israeli military operation in Jenin last month. The Palestinian Authority, Al Jazeera and Qatar, based the channel, accused the Israeli military of killing the journalist. Israel did not rule out the possibility that the reporter, who was wearing a press helmet and may have been the victim of a Palestinian shooting, was the target of the shooting. From Israeli soldiers.


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