Nursing homes: After France, a group is accused of abuse in Austria


Nursing homesAfter France, a group in Austria was accused of poor treatment

Orpea, a private group that manages EMS in several countries, including Switzerland, was accused of leaving malnourished and dehydrated elderly people at its Salzburg facility.

The Orpea group is already under judicial investigation in France for suspected corporate malfeasance and financial crimes.

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In a statement, Austria’s rights defender condemned the ill-treatment of residents of a retirement home in Austria belonging to the private French group Orbia, which is already at the center of a scandal in France. “The residents were malnourished and dehydrated, the wound care was very poor, and a stench was coming out,” described on Austrian public radio Ö1, Bernhard Prints, a rights defender. He condemned the apparent lack of staff at the Orpea establishment in Salzburg.

A report written after an unannounced visit on April 21 noted that a woman who had been in bed all day was suffering from severe pain. “While changing the dressing, a putrid smell emanated from the wound. He was not given any medicine.” Considering his life was in danger, reporters suggested he be shifted to hospital immediately, where he died shortly after.

The report also condemns the lack of reaction from the authorities of the province of Salzburg. They decided to take action only after several warnings from the rights defender, he condemned.

Orbia’s “Deep Regret”

In a press release issued Thursday evening, French private group Orpea expressed its “deepest condolences to the families involved” and pledged to “understand everything and take appropriate measures.” The committee has commissioned an audit, tasked with preparing a report “as soon as possible”.

Orpea, which is present in 23 countries including Switzerland, has been mired in turmoil since the publication of a book-investigation in January, entitled “Les Fossoyeurs,” denouncing its practices in France. He is the subject of a judicial investigation on suspicion of corporate malfeasance and financial crimes.


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