NSM wins the 2023 Distinguished State Enterprise Award for Outstanding Socially Responsible and Environmental Operations

Assistant Professor Dr. Rawin Ravyong, Director of the National Science Museum (NSM) or NSM, along with the NSM Executive Team, represented the organization in receiving the Distinguished State Institution Award. Outstanding Social and Environmental Responsibility Operations 2023 by Mr. Kritsada Chennavisharana, Deputy Minister of Finance Chairman Outstanding Government Enterprise Awards 2023 organized by the State Enterprise Policy Committee (SPO) Office at Santhi Maitri Building. Government building

“This award is a source of pride for all NSM employees who have worked hard to advance the mission of science to society. Hoping to move Thai society towards a science and innovation society, NSM has operated under the concept of social and environmental responsibility. Both activities within and outside the organization including CSR activities that aim to benefit society in many ways. Through the use of scientific activities to create educational experiences for youth in remote or opportunity-lacking areas, such as the Science Against Drugs project. Organized to provide inspiration to youth to create awareness of science, technology and innovation in order to develop it “Power “Creativity” and can improve the quality of life of young people and citizens towards a good future.

Outstanding Government Enterprise Award The 2023 Outstanding Operations in Social and Environmental Responsibility Award will serve as an incentive for NSTDA to continue working to advance the mission of science to society. To provide all Thais with a resource for learning about science that combines knowledge, fun and inspiration. That everyone can access. Learn in a fun way and apply it in your daily life. By linking science, technology and everyday life. To learn the importance of further developing quality of life and sustainability.

source: National Science Museum (NSM)

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