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at the bottom is Toby EmrichLeave note for employees in Warner Bros. Wednesday. as such We reported this morningChairman, Warner Bros. Group. Pictures Group knocks out a lucrative five-year production deal on the plot, so it’s not going away. He was apparently offered to stay, but had to cede supervision to Warner Bros. Animation and DC, an option the former New Line boss didn’t want.

Word is that former MGM film directors, Michael De Luca and Pam Abdi, are arriving at Warner on August 1. As Emmerich points out here, meanwhile, DC President Walter Hamadeh, COO Carolyn Blackwood, and Warner Productions President Courtenay Valenti and New Line President Richard Brenner will continue to report to Emmerich.

Even with De Luca coming in, if Brener and Blackwood choose to stay, the New Line gang is back together. It’s an interesting revolving door considering that Emmerich took over De Luca’s position at New Line in 2001 when its CEO was in charge. Seven And the Austin Powers He was fired after a series of failed photos.

David Zaslav ‘Cheerful’ Toby Emmerich Still Part of Warner Bros. Discovery Family, Outlines New Studio Structure

There is a successful life after studio mogul-dom as a producer. Sure, it’s usually the bargain of parachutes given to titans, and there were many people who freaked out. But, there are some great examples of successful studio heads including former Warner Bros. global production head Lorenzo de Bonaventura, who raised billions for Paramount with transformers Franchise, and former Buena Vista Motion Picture Group President Nina Jacobson, who spearheaded $3 billion hunger Games Franchising is spreading in Crazy Rich Asians A franchise of Warners. At Sony, Matt Tolmach, the former co-head of production, was an invaluable producer who oversaw and sponsored the titles of big events in the studio including poison And the Morbius movies and animations Jumanji Franchise business.

It will be interesting to see Emmerich’s accomplishments in this next phase of his career.

Here is Emmerich’s kind note to his team:

After 21 years at New Line and Warner Bros. And, lots of long walks and conversations with Zas, I decided to step down from my role as president at the end of the summer. Mike De Luca and Pam Abdi are coming to take the helm at WB Pictures. In the meantime, Walter, Caroline, Courtenay and Richard will continue to report on me.

For all these 21 years – from New Line in Robertson through 2.0 in Burbank to Warner Bros. The amazing Pictures Group I’m honored to work with now – as a team we’ve dreamed big, achieved bigger, and have been able to stay true to each other and to the art form that draws us all into this company and this business. Most of all, we’ve made some beautiful, challenging, paradigm-shifting films that have made the world richer, a little terrifying, and a lot more fun – from dwarf to me Wedding CrashersFrom Diaries to me He. SheSix films from Middle Earth and of course Batman.

Much credit has been given to our successes, but in every film there were talented executives and team members from development, deal making, physical production, marketing and distribution who were hugely successful. These are your successes as much as mine and I am forever grateful for all your creative vision, passion and tireless dedication to your projects and filmmaking teams.

I will always love this studio and will be here to direct the motion picture set over the summer as Mike and Pam transition into their lead roles on its end. Mike and I have worked together at New Line, who is a very talented and creative CEO.

Caroline, Courtenay, Richard and Walter will continue to lead this group as fearlessly as ever. I will cheer them up and cheer for all of you from the office of a production company on this beautiful piece. I’m so proud of it all and can’t help but say thank you. I’ll see you on the other side.


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