North Korea sends garbage balloons to disturb South Korea again: PPTVHD36

The tense situation continues on the border between the two Koreas. Recently, North Korea sent a large number of garbage balloons to disrupt South Korean territory. South Korea responded by turning on the propaganda broadcaster to teach.

North Korea A North Korean garbage balloon crashed into South Korean territory over the weekend. In the picture, a balloon can be seen floating on the river in downtown Seoul. The capital of South Korea and there were pictures of garbage scattered in the streets. While the police cordoned off the scene of the accident

The news report stated that this is North Korea's third launch of a garbage balloon. Since the end of May

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said North Korea had launched about 330 garbage balloons toward South Korea since Saturday evening, however, as of Sunday morning. About 80 balloons were discovered floating on South Korean soil

After those balloons crashed in South Korean territory, the South Korean army quickly mobilized response forces. By sending bomb disposal unit and different materials enter the scene and warn people to be careful of falling objects. Including not touching the balloon on the ground. The police or army must be informed

However, from the South Korean military's inspection of the balloons, there was only plastic and paper waste, and no hazardous materials were found.

From May 28 until yesterday (June 9), South Korea spotted a garbage balloon. Which comes with scraps of paper and various waste. About 1,000 balloons arrived from North Korea, and these balloons fall in different places. Northern South Korea, including Gyeonggi Province and the capital, Seoul, but no dangerous objects were found. There were no reports of serious damage.

Meanwhile, South Korea's third garbage balloon was launched after last week. North Korea stated that sending garbage balloons to South Korea would be suspended but threatened to return to doing so again. If South Korean activists send more balloons across the border

Although it seems that the balloon wars have calmed down. But it became clear last Thursday that the North Korea Free Movement, a group of North Korean defectors living in South Korea, sent North Korea a large balloon containing 200,000 leaflets criticizing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. This included dollar bills and USB devices containing South Korean pop songs and music videos from locations close to the DMZ. Enter North Korea again

They stressed that this type of operation will continue until Kim Jong Un apologizes for sending so many garbage balloons to disturb South Korea.

The latest North Korean garbage balloon launch and as a result, South Korea expressed its strong dissatisfaction. South Korea called this action “nonsense and irrational” and was willing to pledge that there would be a tough response.

Yesterday, June 9, after the South Korean Parliament meeting. The South Korean presidential office announced that South Korea will begin reactivating its border propaganda loudspeakers.

This is the first South Korean propaganda radio exercise since 2018, before North and South Korea reached a joint military agreement. An agreement is an agreement in which both parties wish to end all forms of hostility towards each other. This includes stopping all propaganda broadcasts at the border.

However, the latest wave of border tensions made it last week and South Korea announced the suspension of the 2018 military agreement and the resumption of all military activities along the inter-Korean border. Including the process of operating the propaganda broadcast machine. It is again one of the sensitive issues for North Korea. This was confirmed by a spokesman for the South Korean presidential palace, and this is one of the ways in which South Korea wants to hold North Korea accountable for escalating tensions between the two Koreas.

South Korea's latest moves have made North Korea very dissatisfied. Recently, the sister of North Korea's supreme leader issued a warning to South Korea that it would take new retaliatory measures. If South Korea does not stop actions that North Korea considers provocative,

Late yesterday (June 9), North Korea's Korean Central News Agency reported that Kim Yo Jong, the younger sister of North Korea's supreme leader, issued a statement regarding the tense situation between North and South Korea. The statement served as a warning to South Korea and stressed that if Korea continues… In launching leaflets and continuing to operate provocative propaganda radio on the border between the two Koreas, we will see a new response from North Korea.

In this regard, South Korea decided to turn on the propaganda broadcasting machine. Because he might see that and this is an effective form of psychological warfare. This approach has been South Korea's strategy of response to North Korea since the Korean War of 1950-1953, which at the time created great dissatisfaction with the North Korean government. North Korea had previously threatened that if South Korea did not turn off the speaker switch, it would use a cannon to fire and destroy.

That North Korea is sensitive to publications including the propaganda broadcaster. Because North Korea itself sees and could pose a threat to national security. Such as the audio broadcasting machine, which many believed could be heard from up to 20 kilometers away, broadcast news around the world and information about the concepts of social democracy and capitalism.

There are also K-pop songs and music videos banned in North Korea.

Relations between the two Koreas were at their lowest levels in many years. Meanwhile, diplomacy was at an impasse. After North Korea continues to test and develop missiles, so does South Korea, which is closest to the United States. More key security partners conducted several large-scale military exercises to prepare to confront the North Korean nuclear threat.

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