Nonkul’s latest update on IG is not good after Thaksaorn’s AFL status is announced | Siam News

Nonkun’s latest update on IG is that he is not feeling well after Thaksaorn’s condition was announced in the AFL.

From Nonkon’s case he came out to reveal his relationship with Oof Thaxaorn

relationship now?

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I’m talking to Buff.

How far have the talks reached?

In fact, after filming for the series ended, they continued to talk like siblings. But the more I talk to him I love him more and more. But if you say that the feeling of sibling relations developed it became more evident shortly before the father event.

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Were you the one who flirted with the NFL first?

Yes, I’m a little afraid, but we are trying in our own way.

We may actually be afraid of disappointment. Finally, give 100% loyalty.

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As for Aouf Thaksaworn, from Nunakuul’s point of view, he said that I think he takes good care of others. Pay attention to every detail of each person. I was impressed by him from day one until today.

Love happened on the set?

Gradually, it started to become more apparent when I was sick. Send something to visit. We were impressed and then slowly invited to speak.

Case summary?

Now I can honestly say that I talk to him. I’m the only person I talk to, we both still don’t use the word friend, and coincidentally, he and I attach great importance to this word, don’t worry, if one day you choose to use the word friend, the length of time from the word friend to the word wife is definitely a rocket.

We both grew up. I understand it doesn’t take long. Because he won’t wait for me (smiles)

Recently, young Nonkun has become active again. By posting new photos while in the onsen. With the message “When you have a headache, go to the hot springs”

Among the many fans came to express their concerns.

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