Noncon is wearing a shirt! After being looked at by AFL – Reported Quickly after finding a photo of the duo, Lee Dong Wook was in a daze!

Nonkon wears a t-shirt after meeting Aif Thaksaworn, and he is seen wearing it in the photo, taking off his shirt and showing off his six-pack. In addition, be quick to comment and report yourself. In the photo of the duo together, Lee Dong Wook looked very dazed.

    Auf Thaksaworn

Photo from Instagram: aff_taksaorn

It created a huge buzz. After Nonkul, the younger actor and Auf Thaksaworn’s boyfriend, posted a photo of himself showing off his muscles and toned abs, making the girls scream, before he suffered a mild shock when Auf’s mother came over. The comment was a search emoji.

Read the news: Ah.. Nonacon takes off his shirt and shows off his tight muscles. The beginning of the return to this hot number. If it is full, what will its price be?

It wasn’t long after that Noncool He posted a photo wearing a black shirt. With the message “It’s starting to get cold, let’s put on some shirts now” which fans came up to tease and say it’s because it’s really cold, right? It’s definitely not because of something else.


on the sideAuf Thaksaworn He posted a photo with famous Korean actor, Lee Dong Wook, after having the chance to meet at an event at Paragon Department Store before Nonkul came to comment and report it. “I’m wearing a black shirt too.” It is said that he seemed very distraught, but AFL’s mother responded accordingly “This time, Lee Dong Wook…next time, Gong Yoo!”


In addition, the AFL mother also commented on the photo posted by Nonkul of her wearing a black t-shirt. It was also stated: “It’s cold all of a sudden.” Which made fans come over and click “Like” in succession, amazed by the couple’s cuteness. When I saw that I couldn’t help but smile.


Image from Nonkul’s Instagram

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