NKT won the 2024 Thai League Championship, earning the right to continue fighting in Asia.

Acer Computer Co., LtdOrganize a competition Thailand Predator League 2024 The last round, the prestige battle on the VALORANT battlefield on October 7 and 8, 2023, was a competition between 4 leading eSports teams such as MiTH, FULL SENSE, NKT and XERXIA, with the championship title and total prize money over 250,000 baht with the right to be a representative For Thailand set out to compete in the 2024 Asia Pacific Predator League Grand Final in the Philippines.

bya teamNKT Able to win the championship in this competition. Receive prize money and a Predator Helios 16 laptop worth over 150,000 baht, as well as the right to be a representative of Thailand. Off to compete in the 2024 Asia Pacific Predator League Grand Final in the Philippinesevaluation 2 a team Meth Get a prize of 50,000 baht andevaluation 3 Joining includes the teamFeeling full Anda teamXerxia Get a prize of 25,000 baht per team.

Mr. Nitipat Prawinongwot The Marketing Director of Acer Computer Company Limited revealed that the Thailand Predator League 2024 competition was successful in developing the skills of Thai e-sports athletes to be on par with global competitors. It has also created a valuable experience for students participating in the internship program to continue leading the future of the esports industry. Acer is ready to continue supporting success in both areas. To push Thai eSports to grow steadily.

side Mr. Phumiphat Pochanart or QQ, NKT Team Member He revealed his feelings after the competition, and all the team members were very happy. Everyone prepared well, training every day, 6-8 hours a day, without breaks, including warm-ups, shooting practice, and practicing different mindsets for each person in order to bridge any weaknesses. This championship position shows that hard professional training helped us win the championship. We will continue to maintain this standard and do our best in competing in the Philippines as well.

Follow the details and rules of the Thai Predator League 2024 tournament and get more esports news from Acer at https://www.predator-league.com , facebook.com/PredatorLeagueTH or facebook.com/PredatorGamingThailand

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