Nicolas Sarkozy wants Gerald Dorman at the Elysee in 2027

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Nicolas Sarkozy wants Gerald Dorman at the Elysee in 2027

In the new volume of his autobiography, which will be released on August 22, the former President dubs the current home minister.


Nicolas Sarkozy will publish a new volume of his autobiography on August 22.


On August 22, the sequel to Nicolas Sarkozy’s biography “Le temps des Combats” (Ed. Fayard) will be published. In this 600-page book, the former president describes his years on the Elysée: “I wanted to take the reader by the hand and experience these years as if he were by my side on the Elysée. The events. It seemed very natural to me, because the story was not my own, and in reading them I had Everyone who brings a lot of happiness,” explains the politician.

He adds, “It’s a profound story that I had so much fun writing from the first line to the last. The simple fact that you are struggling to open this book impresses me. Sharing is the deepest meaning of my life. I hope that through these pages you will realize how much I love France and how much I want to be loved by the French.

In this book, Nicolas Sarkozy supports one of his relatives. As for the next presidential election, expected in 2027, this is the current Minister of the Interior, Gerald Dorman. Can he take another step or even the final step leading to the presidency? I like him because he has obvious qualities,” writes a former tenant of the Élysée, thus appointing someone he considers his successor.

Nicolas Sarkozy wants to see Gerald Dorman on the Elysee in 2027.


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