News about the opening of the big boxing program “Channel 7HD” “ONE Lumpini 63 – Fairtex Fight EXTREME boxing”

Join the fighters' journey, as “Channel 7HD” presents exciting boxing in 3 arenas, on Friday, meet “ONE Lumpini 63” in the main match “Yodphupa Wiman Air” against the Muay Thai boxer “Soner Zen” on the “Rak” side. Erawan. Continue dreaming of meeting Nicolas Lett Silva, the dangerous rising Brazilian star. On Saturday, she joins the fight for a 3-division championship on Fairtex Fight Muay Phan EXTREME, and ends on Sunday with the opportunity to trade hot punches with Muay Thai 7. Colors”

This week, Channel 7HD organized a fun boxing program for boxing fans to be more excited than ever. On Friday, May 17, learn about the most important sports programs, ONE Lumpini, which won the Best Sports Program award. From the 15th Nataraja Awards, 2023, and continues to build on the success. It is a satisfying task to win in ONE Lumpini 63, led by the main pair, Yodphupha Wiman Air, after losing 3 battles this time, after hitting the wall, demanding the restoration of faith. Moving on to defeat Thai boxer Sooner Zen, while another pair meets Rak Irawan, who wants to fight for his dreams, against Nicolas Leite Silva, a dangerous rising star from Brazil. Along with many other boxing pairs who will win? Who will continue on the global path? Do not miss it.

Join in to watch the live broadcast from Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramindra) in Full HD on Channel 7HD, Press 35, live online on BUGABOO.TV from 8:30 pm Additionally, sports fans can tune in live from 7:30 pm On Facebook: Ch7HD / Ch7HD News / Ch7HD Sports and YouTube: Ch7HD You can book tickets to watch boxing in the stadium in advance via Follow more details via, Facebook: Ch7HD / ONE Championship Thailand and TERO Digital

Then, this Saturday, May 18, meet Fairtex Fight, Extreme Boxing, the hottest fighting game on the stage of Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramindra), come this week and get a chance to win the Fairtex Fight Klai Fairtex vs Fahphichit Lukboonmee. STRAWWEIGHT model, Fajarat Sur vs. Khun Klay, Clove Herbal Soap and FLYWEIGHT model, Eliza Vertex vs. Sarah Gohar Boxing fans turn on the screen on Channel 7HD, waiting to watch the live broadcast from 10:00am onwards Cheer live online on Facebook: Fairtex Fight and you can follow more details on Facebook: Ch7HD and TERO Digital.

Continuing on Sunday, May 19, boxing fans shouldn't miss Muay Thai 7 Colors, a Muay Thai sports show beloved by Thais and foreigners alike. With the competition supporting the release of weapons with a long history of diverse Muay Thai styles this week we will be facing off with the headline bout, Koh Tao, Linky Bag vs. Phetsangwan Sor.Saman Garment. He was joined in a fistfight by several pairs of skilled boxers. Open for free viewing! Only the first 600 people or follow and watch the live broadcast from the boxing stadium on channel 7HD starting at 2:30 pm. Follow on channel 7HD press 35.

Sports fans can follow various news on Channel 7HD, watch live online TV 35, BUGABOO.TV, online channels Ch7HD Sports (Facebook, IG, TikTok) and Ch7HD (Facebook, IG, TikTok, X, YouTube) and the website www.

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