New classified documents found in Joe Biden’s home

Five additional pages of classified documents have been found in Joe Biden’s family home, the White House said on Saturday, an additional twist in a highly sensitive case against the US president.

The documents, which covered Joe Biden’s stint as vice president from 2009 to 2017, were discovered in a room near the garage Thursday evening after the president’s lawyer, Richard Saber, arrived, the latter said in a press release. .

He mentions that he went to this opulent residence in Wilmington (Delaware, East) to supervise the delivery to justice of the first secret documents discovered on Wednesday.

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Richard Saber recalled that during a search of the house on Wednesday, the president’s personal lawyers found a page marked as a classified document in this room next to the garage. Lacking the necessary authorization to consult these types of documents, the White House counsel notes that these lawyers did not push their research further and alerted the Justice Department.

A pitfall for possible re-election

A 1978 law requires US presidents and vice presidents to turn over their emails, letters and other working documents to the National Archives. Richard Saber, who was authorized to consult classified documents, found five other pages when he arrived, for a total of six pages, and indicated that Justice Ministry representatives who accompanied him “immediately” seized them.

In addition to the files found in this private home, other classified documents were also discovered last November at the Ben Biden Center, a think tank in Washington, where Joe Biden’s office was once located, and handed over to justice.

Justice Minister Merrick Garland on Thursday appointed an independent prosecutor to investigate the case. The White House was immediately contacted about the files discovered in Wilmington, but only last Monday, two months later, acknowledged the discovery by those in Washington.

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The matter is particularly delicate for Joe Biden, who plans to run for re-election. Despite many differences in qualifications, he specifically recalled that former President Donald Trump was in the eyes of justice for taking official documents to his residence in Florida.

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