Nets fined $50,000 for allowing Kyrie Irving to enter the locker room during their home game against the Knicks

The Brooklyn Networks He scored another victory on Sunday afternoon, postponing New York Knicks110-107, to extend their winning streak to three games. Kevin Durant He led the way, scoring a season-high 53 points, but his impressive performance wasn’t the only title.

that’s why Keri Irvingwho is still banned from playing house games at Barclays Center, He was there for the first time all season. He showed up late in the first half and took a seat on the field as a fan. But during the break, he made his way into the locker room, and as a result, the Nets were fined $50,000.

NBA press release:

The Brooklyn Nets have been fined $50,000 for violating New York City local law and league health and safety protocols during the team’s March 13 game against the New York Knicks at Barclays Center, the National Basketball Association announced today.

The violation occurred when the Nets allowed Kyrie Irving, who was present at the match, into the team’s locker room.

Earlier this month on March 7, the public sector mask and vaccine mandate were removed in New York City, meaning that non-vaccinated people like Irving are now allowed into indoor spaces such as bars, restaurants and plazas. As a result, Irving was able to attend the match as a fan.

However, he is still not allowed to play, because New York City’s private sector vaccine mandate is still in place. In order to work for a New York City-based company, you must be vaccinated. While Irving was allowed into the building, he was there as a paying customer and not as an employee. When he entered the locker room, he technically crossed into the workplace environment, which is not allowed and led to a fine from the NBA.

From a health perspective, it doesn’t make sense that Irving could enter the building without a mask and watch the game from a stadium seat, but he couldn’t play. It seems that the Nets and Irving tried to make the point by making him appear in a national television game, and stars like LeBron James And Kevin Durant both They expressed their dissatisfaction with Al-Qaeda.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams isn’t likely to make any changes soon. He fired more than 1,000 city workers in February for refusing to get a COVID-19 vaccine, and he doesn’t want to create a loophole for Irving. When he raised his concerns about the situation at a press conference over the weekend, Adams suggested that if Irving wanted to play he should get vaccinated.

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