Netanyahu stressed that there will be no permanent ceasefire in Gaza until three important goals are achieved

Benjamin Netanyahu insists there will be no permanent ceasefire until Israel achieves three key goals, while Joe Biden says Israel has offered Hamas a ceasefire plan.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Saturday, June 1, 2024, that there will be no permanent ceasefire in Gaza, foreign news agencies reported. Until Hamas's military and administrative capabilities are destroyed. All hostages were released.

Netanyahu's statement came after US President Joe Biden announced that Israel had presented a three-step peace plan to Hamas. The goal is to achieve a permanent ceasefire. A senior Hamas political official told the BBC that they would follow the offer. If Israel agrees

Negotiations between representatives of Israel and Hamas. This also happened during the attack on Rafah. The southern Gaza Strip continues while there is no guarantee that pressure from Mr. Biden on both Israel and Hamas to accept the peace plan. Will this lead to any agreement?

This came in a statement issued by the Israeli Prime Minister's Office. Netanyahu stated this, and Israel's conditions for ending the war remain unchanged. That is, destroying Hamas's military and administrative capabilities, and releasing all hostages. It guarantees that the Gaza Strip will no longer pose a threat to Israel.

The statement added that Israel insists on the necessity of fulfilling these conditions before agreeing on a permanent ceasefire, and reiterates that no agreement will be signed. Before these conditions are met

Biden revealed on Friday (May 31) that Israel had proposed a three-step plan to pave the way for a permanent ceasefire. The first step will include a complete ceasefire and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from residential areas in Gaza. Some hostages were exchanged with Palestinian prisoners.

Followed by the second step, which is for Hamas to return all remaining living hostages. Among them are Israeli soldiers

The final outcome is the return of the bodies of the Israeli hostages to their homeland. And a major reconstruction plan in which the United States and foreign aid will help rebuild homes, schools, and hospitals in the Gaza Strip.

Bassem Naim, a political member of the Hamas movement residing in Qatar, told the BBC after Netanyahu’s latest statement: Hamas welcomes the three-step plan, but says that the next step depends on Israel, stressing that if Netanyahu tries to continue the war, he will find nothing but the willingness of all… Palestinians to resist the occupation.

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