NESOS provides 8-bit GUI desktop system, and 8 small files, which is amazing

Zoom / You’re limited to eight files and a word processor, but you can put them anywhere you want in NESOS’ rich (for 1985) desktop environment.

When I played the Nintendo Entertainment System, I was close to the device. This is why you can get rid of great false hacks, like play Tennis To the hot shoe to the broken Super Mario Bros. worlds. Chips, memory, board – everything is designed to serve the small board inside the cartridge (this and Prevent unauthorized games). There wasn’t much room for anything else in the early to mid ’80s.

However, there is, if barely, enough room for a custom OS built in 2022. NESOS 1.0.0 Update From Inkbox, a 48K operating system, that features “two primary applications, a word processor, and settings,” according to Inkbox. The Settings app gives you seven cursors, 53 background colors, and the ability to delete the eight files that can fit a maximum of 2K of NVRAM (for example, built-in memory that doesn’t lose data when the system loses power). That’s 832 bytes each, or about one full-screen memory. However, you can drag those eight files to anywhere you want on your desktop.

The creator of NESOS details how he built it and why.

NESOS (pronounced “nee-sohs” according to its creator) is fully graphic. Inbox indicates that a command line system already exists, basic familyAnd the for the NES and its Japanese predecessor, Family Computer/Famicom. “I want NESOS to feel like a real operating system that Nintendo might have made back in the day for the NES. How would it look and feel?” The Creator says in Overview of his video.

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Inkbox is no stranger to NES programming, nor quirky code projects that make great art. They previously built a fruit-based MMO in less than 40 hours (apparently no longer active), a Super Mario ROM Hack Which reshaped the game in the style of the Ming Dynasty tale Journey to the Westa Chinese word processor for the Apple II, Originally Made on Apple II.

The Settings app in NESOS, which also works as a file manager.  You can choose custom colors and an indicator, including Kirby.
Zoom / The Settings app in NESOS, which also works as a file manager. You can choose custom colors and an indicator, including Kirby.

The NES Inkbox gave two grids of 256 sprite memory slots to work with, one for the foreground and one for the background, even though the system could only display 64 sprites at a time. You can incorporate 8×8 sprites into larger shapes, however, for the operating system and user interface. For input, the keyboard is bundled with some versions of Family Basic, and HVC-007. Inkbox has imported the characters used in the . format Super Mario Bros., gave the keyboard some extra shortcuts, and had a small typing app running. If you’re using a standard NES console, you press A to cycle through characters, click B as the space bar, and press Select with either of these keys to reverse them.

The Inkbox video goes on to explain how all of this works in NES memory, including manipulating the PPU, giving its default NES cartridge the same kind of storage that battery-powered games had, and moving each file, byte byte. , between them.

You can download an easy ROM emulator from NESOS at Inkbox موقع or at ROMHacking. Two-rimmed eight pixel hat hakkaday To guide us towards this marvel.

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