Nepal ends search for earthquake victims, 157 bodies found

Nepalese officials have ended searches for earthquake victims. Shifting our focus to helping survivors in desperate need of food and shelter.

Foreign news agencies reported that Nepalese officials ended search and rescue operations for earthquake victims on Sunday, November 5, 2023, or about 36 hours after the 5.6-magnitude geological disaster struck the city last Friday. The focus will be shifted to helping the many disaster victims. Who are in urgent need of food and shelter

The earthquake occurred in western Nepal. Last Friday night so far, officials have found at least 157 dead, with Nalgad village in Jajarkot district sustaining the most damage. There were 105 victims, while the rest were found in the Rukum area, and more than 100 people were injured.

News reported that many of the villagers who survived had to sleep outside. Because their mud houses collapsed due to the shaking from the earthquake, and one of the survivors told Agence France-Presse that help has not yet reached them. People are in urgent need of food and tents.

Jajarkot district collector Harish Chandra Sharma said they are now focusing on helping the victims. “Last night was a difficult night. We are trying to send relief materials to the areas affected by the earthquake.” “A number of materials have already been delivered. But we have to get them to every area.”

The earthquake sent tremors all the way to New Delhi. The capital of India, it is about 500 kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake, but there were no reports of damage from the Indian side.

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